How to block apps on Android

Want to know how to block apps on Android ? Here is a complete guide on how to lock apps on any Android mobile device.

The daily interaction with the smartphone plunges us into a world full of notifications and applications, but it is not always possible to keep up with everything and inevitably we find ourselves carrying out unwanted actions.

Especially when you use your mobile device to check bank or postal accounts you need to pay much more attention so that there are no complications inherent in the loss of personal data. Not to mention the children who find themselves inappropriate content on a daily basis.

In order for you to have peace of mind and enjoy all the applications on your Android operating system, you can provide an app blocker . As you will read in the next lines, it is possible to carry out various operations to block apps on Android , but we must pay attention to some details. While it is by no means difficult to do, don’t leave out any aspect.


  • How to block apps on Android
    • Block apps on Samsung
    • Block apps on Huawei and Honor (EMUI)
    • Block apps on Xiaomi (MIUI)
  • Timed blocking of Android apps
  • How to block app downloads on Android
  • Block advertisements on Android
  • How to block access to applications
  • Block android apps for kids
  • App to block apps
    • Qustodio
    • Mobile Fence

How to block apps on Android

Before starting our guide on how to block apps on Android, it is important to point out that each company has a different internal security management system. A Huawei smartphone differs from a Samsung smartphone and even more from a Xiaomi mobile device . So that you may have no problems today we will take a look at how to block apps on: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Honor.

Block apps on Samsung

If you have a Samsung model, you will know very well how much this company cares about the safety of its products. For you to be able to lock apps, both for notifications and for traditional use, all you need to do is use your fingerprint as a security measure . By doing so, your fingerprint can be used to unlock your smartphone and at the same time to access your applications.

If, on the other hand, you need to block apps running in the background and receiving updates or sending notifications even if you don’t use them, you can block them by going to Settings> Device assistance . Here tap Optimize now and wait for the operation to complete.

Then go to Battery> Application power saving and step on Activate suspension of unused apps to automatically suspend apps that you have not opened recently. Then go to Apps that are not suspended to check which ones to remove. Finally, you can decide to activate the Adaptive battery option to limit battery use for less frequently used applications and add those that consume more power in the App in advanced sleep.

To block apps on Android you can also use third-party apps, among the best we have:

  • Lock (Smart AppLock): it is an app with different features that allow you to assign passwords to your Android applications and activate the fingerprint for each installed app. You can also block not only specific apps from opening but also their installation or update.
  • Perfect App Lock: Like the previous one, it allows you to set a password to protect all your apps. You can block: SMS, email, photos, camera, USB connection, calendar, messenger and much more. It is available in a free version with advertising or a paid version.
  • Norton App Lock: It is produced by the developers of Norton Antivirus. Allows you to set an unlock PIN or pattern to open any app.

Block apps on Huawei and Honor (EMUI)

Maybe you have an EMUI-based operating system and don’t know where to find the app lock section. Although graphically it is a very nice version to look at, it still lacks a bit of youth by presenting confusing menus.

Fortunately, we are here to show you the fastest and most functional way possible. Unlock your smartphone screen and go to Settings , from here select Security and privacy and then App Lock . By entering the PIN or fingerprint control, all the apps on the device will appear. The blue check indicates that it is blocked if it is gray it is not.

Block apps on Xiaomi (MIUI)

The impact of Xiaomi products on the Italian market is exceptional and maybe you are one of their customers who absolutely wants to block annoying apps. You will know very well how many Xiaomi home devices are full of additional advertisements and blocking can make the difference to avoid annoyances.

To activate it, all you have to do is enter the Settings and directly select the app lock item . By choosing the password you most want, you can prevent them from being opened by third parties.

Timed blocking of Android apps

We are sure that you are not aware of the fact that there is the possibility of timed blocking of applications on Android operating systems. Fortunately the procedure is very simple, let’s see how to do it.

In order for you to be able to time-block applications, you need to use the Digital Wellbeing feature . Go to Settings and search and then tap on the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls app . Once inside, tap on the three dots at the top right to tap Show icon on the Applications screen, and then on the graph icon, always at the top right, to check the usage time of the apps.

The function allows you to temporally limit, at the times you decide, the applications that can distract you. You have to enter in Application timer and next to the chosen app, select the drop-down menu to select one of the items present:

  • No timer
  • 15 m
  • 30 m
  • 1 h
  • Personalized

If you have an Android version without this app you can download Digital Wellbeing from the Play Store .

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How to block app downloads on Android

You know when you only have 1GB of data connection and it has to last you another 7 days? It will surely have happened to you to find yourself without jigs and not understand why. These are usually background apps that can download files automatically, but how do you block this?

In this case you must delete the automatic update from the Play Store, so that this can happen start the Play Store and press the icon of your name at the top right , select Settings . Click on Network preferences and then on Automatic app update . At this point you have to check the item Do not automatically update apps . Click on Finish .

Block advertisements on Android

The Android operating systems, although there are many and very often well optimized, have banners and advertisements that are in many cases intrusive on medium-low-end smartphones. This drawback is mainly due to the fact that to lower the selling price, advertisements are inserted which are necessary to re-enter the investment. At the expense of the apps that are increasingly invaded by annoying banners, how to block them?

You can do this in three ways: airplane mode , firewall and AdBlock .

  1. By setting the airplane mode (or Offline mode)and all the advertisements will magically disappear;
  2. By intervening on the firewall by downloading a third-party application, such as NoRoot Firewall , or by taking a look at our guide on the best free firewalls ;
  3. Using the famous AdBlockas a browser. For more information, browse our list of the best Ad Blockers .

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How to block access to applications

When you browse the web you are always exposed to potential cyber dangers. Make sure you have a smartphone with the most up-to-date security patches and carefully consider which applications may or may not have access to the microphone and camera.

To block access to apps we recommend IObit Applock Face Lock , this will set you up a pattern of lock or a PIN code.

Block android apps for kids

Now children are approaching technology from an early age and controlling them really becomes a problem. Although you can bind it, in many cases it can inadvertently find itself on sites that are not recommended or that you do not want to know about yet. To feel comfortable, you have to block apps through Parental Control , which is a function present on every Android device that allows you to intelligently limit access to content that is not suitable for children.

Mainly this tool blocks adult sites and insert parental control filters that focus on time and content suitable for children.

On mobile devices with Android 10, this feature is found in Settings> Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls . Scroll down the page to the Monitor Your Children section . Here you tap on Parental Controls and press the Start button . Indicates whether the device will be used by a Child or Young Boy , or by a Parent , then click Next .

In the next steps, you will need to link your child’s Google account with yours in a Google family group, choose the app for the device and set filters, and finally set the controls, such as: the limits for the time of use and the time to go to sleep.

If your smartphone has an older Android version, you can download Google Family Link .

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App to block apps

We have seen so far how to approach ad blocking on Android, but we have not taken a look at the applications that allow you to do it without wasting too much time between settings and parameters. Here are three solutions that are extremely popular with consumers.


Among the most complete applications for Parental Control you will surely find Qustodio , this allows you to analytically control the use of the device by children in real time and to have the possible limitations desired. You can use them both in the free three-day version and in the paid version that unlocks all the features even after 72 hours. The cost is around 43 euros per year.

Mobile Fence

Among the best apps for controlling mobile phones for children , there is Mobile Fence . This is a great application not only for setting up a quality Parental Control, but also for locating the device and blocking applications from running by entering a password. A real control center, very useful if you don’t want to have privacy problems and even more so if you have to protect your children.

You have a trial period of 30 days and after which you will necessarily have to switch to the paid version. The premium cost depends on the number of devices you intend to use. We emphasize that for an ideal use Mobile Fence needs root permissions ; therefore, if you are not particularly informed, we recommend the previous application.

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