How to see how many planes are flying right now

Looking for info on how to view flight routes in real time ? A complete guide with the best online services to follow planes in flight.

The races at the airport to reach a relative, friend or loved one are always hectic, the unpredictability of flight arrival times makes the wait frustrating in many cases. Maybe for years you have been waiting outside the gate and then being told that the flight has been canceled or postponed for a few hours, unpleasant feeling right?

Maybe you don’t know that it is possible to monitor the air routes and the different travel times, thus avoiding all the hassles of the case.

As you can imagine, however accurate the readings may be, you will not be on the plane so always consider at least five minutes of difference between an update and the other, since you have real-time monitoring.

But let’s see what is the procedure to follow to have the whole aerial world under control using your computer or your smartphone.

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  • How to see how many planes are flying right now
    • FlightRadar24 (Website)
    • RadarVirtuel (Website)
    • FlightAware (Website)
    • Flight Stream (Website)
    • Plane Finder (Android, iOS)
    • Flight Stats (Android, iOS)
  • Other sites to check the flight routes in real time
    • Google Maps Air Routes
    • Ryanair routes
    • EasyJet routes

How to see how many planes are flying right now

The monitoring of air flights is not only about the real-time analysis of departure and arrival times, but it also informs you about the different trajectories that the plane takes and about potential disruptions on board.

You may be thinking that these systems are only related to the world of scheduled flights, but in reality some sites and applications that we will recommend also monitor helicopters in flight in real time and military aircraft in flight in real time .

In order not to get confused about the different approaches to data analysis, we will first suggest the websites where you can observe these movements and then we will also take a look at the applications for iOS and Android.

FlightRadar24 (Website)

FlightRadar24 is certainly one of the most popular websites for monitoring air flights . By opening the home page you will be immediately projected on the map of Europe where the planes in flight are displayed in real time. In the lower bar you will have the Settings , time , filters and widgets available ; in the left bar some statistics and at the top right you will find the search bar to find the departure or arrival airport of the flights. The page is in English so if you need to search for Milan airport you must necessarily search for Milan.

RadarVirtuel (Website)

By connecting to RadarVirtuel you can use an excellent search engine for air routes . As soon as you open the page, a banner will appear advising you to follow the tutorial to learn the mechanics of the site. You can decide not to run it or to learn all the features at best, it also depends on the time you have available.

First of all, however, you have to register on the site and you can do it by clicking, at the top right on Sign in and then on Register . The site is very interesting as it allows you to follow helicopters as well as traditional air routes , showing it directly on the main map with the dedicated icon.

FlightAware (Website)

Perhaps the most used site in Italy for its ease, FlightAware allows you to track flights in real time both helicopters and scheduled travel at great speed. Going to its Internet page you will be presented with a main screen without too many frills. Here you will have to write the flight number if you already have it or the airport of departure and arrival concerned. By clicking on the magnifying glass in a few seconds you will have a lot of information, from the flight status to the airline, represented in a linear and intuitive scheme even for those unfamiliar with these technologies.

Flight Stream (Website)

Definitely a valid solution, but closer to those who also love graphics, is the Flight Stream website . Most likely it is the least precise of the websites we have recommended, but the visual component can be a point in its favor if you need to consult the airline routes daily.

Now that we have looked at the best websites for tracking air flights, it’s time to focus on the fastest and most convenient iOS and Android apps.

Plane Finder (Android, iOS)

An absolute level solution for your mobile devices, Android and iOS , is Plane Finder Flight Tracker , an application that monitors in a precise and detailed way the earth map and the flights that take place in real time. You will be able to analyze not only the main data but also the logos of the reference companies , so that you can immediately realize whether or not it is the right flight to monitor. Although it is a paid application , it is of an excellent level especially for the personalization of the markings and a really effective and fast real-time data analysis. If you don’t want to visit a website at all, this is a quality alternative.

Flight Stats (Android, iOS)

We anticipate that it is the most downloaded application in Italy for tracking air routes from Android and iOS mobile devices . It is easy to use and allows you to see all flights departing and arriving with great speed. In reality there is also a version for Microsoft Windows , but we must admit that the application absolutely deserves attention for its practicality and responsiveness of use. If you have an Apple device you can also take advantage of the dedicated widget, be it on iPhone or Apple Watch. Truly a complete application that will help you avoid unpleasant waiting outside the airport.

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Other sites to check the flight routes in real time

We’ve taken a look at the most popular websites and apps to view flight routes in real time, but are they the only ways to do it? In reality it is possible to monitor flights also with alternative methods, let’s see which ones to give you a complete picture.

Google Maps Air Routes

You will know very well how Google particularly cares about localization on the planet to guide its users to places that are often unthinkable. Over the years, Google Maps has undergone an exceptional evolution, effectively replacing the more obsolete tom toms or navigators. You may not know that it is also possible to observe air routes with Google Maps for Android and iOS . Just type in the search engine the route or the flight number and in a few seconds you will have all the information you want at your fingertips. Remember to always keep the localization active to already have the map closest to your position.

Ryanair routes

In recent years, the Ryanair company has been offering great promotions in Italy, with low costs and flights all over the world; however, you will know that sometimes with the timetables they are slightly danceable and monitoring flights becomes almost a necessity in order not to waste half a day between round trips from the airport.

Going to the Internet page of Ryanair flights you can view the map of all the airports in Europe and buy the most convenient tickets . By adding the city of departure and destination at the top left, you can get an accurate picture of the available flights and the most popular routes. You can integrate this system with a dedicated application in order to have as much flight data as possible.

EasyJet routes

Another company particularly active in Italy is EasyJet , the famous white and orange colors identify cheap tickets and good service in everyone’s imagination. Also this company offers you the possibility by visiting the route map web page to view the air routes. A window will open where you can enter the departure-arrival airport and obviously the date and number of passengers. EasyJet in a few moments will propose the best solution for you and the lowest costs according to your needs.

During the winter this company pays particular attention to offers for its passengers; therefore, we recommend that you visit the page several times a week so as not to miss the best trips. Have a good trip.

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