How to beat Heatran in Pokémon GO

New Year, New Raids. Pokémon GO has faced 2020 with many new features on the way after a Christmas full of events and things to do. Now, with the arrival of this new year, it has started by bringing in one of the legendary of the fourth generation, Heatran . A combination of Fire and Steel types that comes to be a rival in the higher level Raids, and for which you will need to build a good strategy if you do not want to be beaten.

That is precisely what we are going to talk about here. We have reviewed all the PokéDex and all the movements to be able to explain how to beat Heatran in Pokémon GO . A small guide that will help you to know which are the best Pokémon against Heatran and which are the movements that do the most damage . If you follow our instructions, it will be enough for you to form a small team with 2-3 other coaches. Even being so few, you can give him the beating of his life and choose to capture him before the event ends.

How to beat Heatran in Pokémon GO

As we have already anticipated, we are going to start by explaining to you which are the right Pokémon to fight Heatran, and then we will cover the best moves for each one. A good Trainer must know both the creatures he handles and the attacks to use and, although Vaporeon is still the DPS par excellence, you should have a well-varied team so as not to fall quickly before the powerful attacks of this rival.

Best Pokémon vs. Heatran – Pokémon GO

Since our rival combines Fire and Steel types , we need creatures that are resistant to his movements and can also learn effective moves against him. A good list of signings for our team could be the following:

These are the best counters for Heatran in the game . By building a team like this, not only will you ensure that his moves hardly hurt you, but you’ll also have the advantage of being able to use moves to quickly defeat him.

Heatran attacks

Before we have told you about the most resistant Pokémon against this creature , and for good reason. These are the moves that this volcanic Pokémon performs, a combination of fire, poison, steel, and rock- type moves . Be careful.

  • Spin Fire.
  • Iron Head.
  • Sharp Rock.

Best attacks to use against Heatran – Pokémon GO

You already know which are the suitable creatures, now we are going to see what are the attacks you need to have on them. The truth is that the variety is not too great, in fact, what commands is the Earth type , since it enjoys a double advantage over both steel and fire . That is exactly what you need and, therefore, it is best that you look for a way to make your team have the following movements:

  • Mud Slap.
  • Mud Shot.
  • Alive earth.

This five of attacks are super effective against Heatran and will make the battle much easier. If you can gather a few trainers with the Pokémon above and these moves, we assure you that you will have it on the ropes in no time.


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