How to beat Raditz in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

he wait was long, but we already have Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot among us . The CyberConnect2 game allows us to relive the story of Dragon Ball Z like never before . Instead of being a mere spectator, we take control of Goku, Son Gohan, among other characters, and we tour some of the most iconic places in an open world.

The first major fight is against Raditz, Goku’s older brother. Killing him will not be easy if we are not sufficiently prepared . Now, if we do a few things before and during the fight, it will end up biting the dust.

Preparing the fight

To win Raditz without breaking a sweat the first thing is to level up Goku. Raditz is level 6, so if we try to fight him being level 4 or less it will not be easy. So, first of all, is to do all the secondary missions that we see and face a few robots from the Red Ribbon army. It is enough to go up to level 5 , but if we reach level 6 much better.

Next, in case the fight gets uphill, it is advisable to buy a few vitabeverages and, at least, an energy supplement to recover HP (health points) during the fight. It also doesn’t hurt to eat a meat or fish dish to have more life. To do this, we just have to catch a fish or hunt a dinosaur and cook it. By the way, do not forget to add the vitabebidas and the energy supplement to the quick access .

How to beat Raditz

During the first part of the fight we have Piccolo in our group. The most important thing here is to dodge Raditz’s most powerful attacks. If we become obsessed with attacking at all costs, we will have a very bad time . You have to be careful and pay attention to the attacks it makes, depending on the animation we can know what ability it plans to carry out.

If he uses the ability where while he is spinning he launches two Life Waves in a circle, we have to dodge the rays either by moving down or up. It all depends on the direction of the rays. Sometimes it will be impossible to avoid them. If we see that we are going to be able to dodge an attack, we put ourselves on guard. The same can be applied to the rest of the attacks he makes at a distance , only that depending on the ability it will be easier or more difficult to avoid the blow.

As soon as Raditz has finished one of these ranged attacks is when we must attack him with everything . We don’t have much time since after a few seconds it will attack us again with one of its abilities . Also not to forget the melee attacks, but these do not take as much life.

If during the fight Raditz reaches us many times with one of his special abilities we will see that Goku’s life goes down quite quickly. If that’s the case, we simply drink a vitabebida or whatever is needed. With patience we will win without much effort , and it is a fairly easy fight to win if we arrive with enough level and have a few vitabebidas.


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