How to be a pro player in League of Legends – How to improve quickly in LoL

Basically it is within the genetic code of every human being to be competitive, it is something almost natural that is born in most of the people in some subject or activity. There may be people more competitive than others in certain areas, but it is impossible to say that someone has never been like this.

If you want reliable proof of this, you can watch sports , grades in schools, and, more recently, video games . These have become an entertainment medium in recent decades, but since their humble beginnings in arcade machines, there were already hundreds of people lining up to break the highest score in a game.

How to be a pro Player in League of Legends – How to Quickly Improve in LoL

Nowadays, this has changed a lot, since there are many video games on consoles that can be played from home where people have the opportunity to directly face each other in different titles. Whether in fighting games , puzzles, strategy or others; You can find all kinds of players ready to face others to prove that they are better.

Likewise, the internet has helped a lot so that people can demonstrate their competitive side, being able to enter different games through its online platform and play with or against other people who are on the other side of the world, so really the competitive scene of different games has grown a lot worldwide.

In fact, it has grown so much that eSports or the professional competitive scene of different video games has only flourished for several years. League of Legends , for example, is the game that bears the banner as the most popular of all, and if you are an avid player of this game, you have the opportunity to become a professional by following what we will tell you next.

Professional players

League of Legends is a MOBA- type game that has a lot of strategy in its gameplay due to the number of characters that can be controlled, the roles to play and the ways to read a map in a team game in which you don’t always may be at an advantage.

This game is one of those where you always have to take into account what happens around you, be alert to the appearance of different champions on the map, the objects that each one has and how well your own team is performing. against the enemy.

There really is a lot to process, but the players who perform extremely well and climb the rankings are recognized.

Given that the professional scene of League of Legends has grown so much, it is imaginable that many want to be part of a team and be recognized internationally as one of the best. It really is possible, and although it is not a life of luxury but of performance, it is one that can be worth it for the most envied, but it can be difficult to get there.

Becoming a professional gamer

There are League of Legends leagues all over the world ; in Korea, China, the United States, Europe and other nations they have their own professional leagues, where players fight for a position. If you are in Spain or Latin America you have the opportunity to join a team, but you will have to do many things first.

You must be a good player, and reach the highest rankings of the ‘ladder’ to be found by a team. For this, we recommend that you focus on a single role, improve your mechanics and learn each way to play with every possible champion for the role.

The goal is one that changes, and professional teams appreciate a player’s flexibility in conjunction with his consistency. The idea is to highlight.

The more you make your team win and the more you make a difference, is that you will be able to attract the attention of a team, and only after you have spent several months in that state that you may be contacted for an audition or interview .


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