How to license the MX league in Dream League Soccer

If you want to license the mx league in Dream League Soccer, you must be careful and follow the precise steps. Fortunately, you can already enjoy these teams and create players. doYou still don’t know what it takes? Find out right now everything you need to know.

How to license the Mexican league in Dream League Soccer?

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For a few months the famous and long-awaited project was announced which is already available. It is now possible to enjoy your favorite Mexican team, because thanks to an infallible method of a user, unlimited players have been created and it is the perfect opportunity to build teams from the American continent.

For this reason, there are already clubs in the MX league, although they were not originally included in the game and soon there will be more leagues in America. But what do these kits include?

What do the kits include?

They have actual kit and designs that are used today. They have created players, correct alignments and corresponding templates. In addition, there are complete squads, which include reserves, substitutes and starters respectively. On the other hand, there are stadiums with different clubs that adapt to reality and are given their official name.

Even a structure similar to the one they have in real life has been adjusted. As for the players, they tried to make them with similarities to their features and personalities, hairstyles and other details.

Club Archives

Without a doubt, this new opportunity is a positive contribution to the game, since after a long wait, it is now possible. In the future, the Argentine, Colombian, Peruvian leagues and more will be added. If you want to license the MX league, You must have the corresponding files that we leave you below:

  • America club
  • Blue Cross
  • tigers
  • Pachuca
  • Only

We hope you choose your favorite and enjoy this dream come true to the fullest.


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