How to win free money in Dream League Soccer

Winning money in Dream League Soccer ( DLS ) is one of the biggest challenges in the game. Coins are your important resource for buying players, increasing your stadium, and upgrading your team. For that reason, if you are poor and urgently need a change in your team, check out these tips and earn coins in Dream League Soccer for free!

Connect your Facebook account to the game

This is the first step you must take, even before playing the first official match. Connecting Dream League Soccer to Facebook is an important step, as you will get about 100 coins for completing this process.

To connect the account, you must go to the game options, in “Game Settings”. Once inside, enter “Advanced”. You will see that the first option talks about activating Facebook Connect, because by default it will be deactivated. You must enter your Facebook account, within the game, and with that you will get the reward!

Do not forget to collect the initial prize

In addition to connecting the game to the social network, another step you can take is to collect the initial reward of coins. Only new players can receive it, so if you’ve been playing for a while, you may have already earned this gift.

Although the reward is usually given automatically, that does not always happen. If you see that you have not received the 1000 initial prize coins, you just have to click on the coins icon, in the main menu, and collect the gift.

Always win by a landslide

Beating your opponents will reward you with plenty of coins

Accomplishing this feat depends on your skill as a DLS player . The first thing to understand is the following:

  • Losing and drawing matches gives you very little coins.
  • Winning gives you more coins.
  • Winning by many goals implies an extra bonus, depending on the number of goals.

Therefore, train and practice the fundamentals of the game a lot, improve your equipment and do not stop pressing. Avoid conceding goals and committing fouls, as all this will influence the final reward of the match.

Sell ​​the players you don’t use

It is essential to have a team full of players ready and prepared for all situations. However, from time to time you will end up with players that you will never use again. These players do not have much purpose in your squad, they will only occupy spaces so it is convenient for you to sell them.

If you find yourself in that case, go to the transfer menu to sell to players you do not want to use. Place it on the market and in return you will get a good sum of coins. You will also leave a new space to hire another player, something that we recommend you do whenever you sell a player. Do not sell without buying!

Meet daily goals

All matches have specific objectives that you must meet. Most of the tasks are simple, such as scoring a certain number of goals in the same competition or league. There are both short-term and long-term goals, and it is worth taking a look at the list, to get all the possible coins.

Enter “My Club” and look at the objectives you must meet!

The more tasks you complete in Dream League Soccer , the more coins you will earn as prizes. In addition, by unlocking the events and challenges section, you will have a chance to win tens and even hundreds of coins, as long as you are in the TOP 3. This game only rewards those who try hard!

Finally, there are achievements that will give you prize coins, such as scoring your first penalty or volley.

Upgrade your stadium

New players have a tendency to ignore the stadium, and that is a serious mistake. Upgrading the stadium can be expensive, but it is necessary if you want to move up the division. In addition to that, the more audience capacity the stadium has, the more bonus you will get in the matches.

In other words, improving your stadium is an investment that you will pay back over time.

Always watch the ads after games

Ads are always present after finishing a match in Dream League Soccer . Many players choose to skip them or ignore them completely. Although it is not the most fun method, you will earn 30 coins or more for a few seconds of advertising.

Most of these ads last less than 30 seconds, and there are even less than 10. That is why we encourage you to watch these ads, because you will not spend a lot of time and you will get more coins for the ad than for your performance in the game.

As a curiosity, in the version of DLS 2019 , from the main menu you can see ads as many times as you want. If you don’t mind spending 10 minutes watching ads, one after the other, you will get rich without having to try too hard.

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