What men want

Men are a strong part of the world, but they also have some weaknesses. Men seek spiritual comfort first and then turn their attention to the outside. Understanding, empathy and support for men can elevate them.

A man first and foremost expects respect from a woman, which means accepting her experience, knowledge, value system, family ordinances and household habits with due respect.

Smart people never try to change each other, they tenderly keep what is precious to their partner and why they fell in love with each other. It is superfluous to discuss such obvious issues as respecting a man and clarifying relationships in the presence of others.


Men are seldom honest, but in such cases, they expect solidarity from women. The secret becomes common and it is necessary to keep it. Checking email and phone messages means humiliating yourself.

A man needs support from a woman. There are days and sometimes even whole periods when we lose everything. With friends or parents

Ask the doctor

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Problems, job difficulties, health or car-related troubles can seriously damage a man’s psyche. A tired, nervous, and frustrated man waits to be approached and reassured of his own strength.

Understanding A

man has the right to a full life while watching a football match or speaking at a conference while fishing or hunting. Every person is characterized by a desire for periodic solitude, which helps to restore spiritual strength. Two independent persons have the right to unload differently and it is not advisable to force each other to act against their will.

Household comfort

Men’s body and psyche need to relax after heavy, strenuous service. So he needs a tidy, tidy living space, clean clothes, and delicious food.

Everyone wants to be loved, which is a completely natural need. This is what men want too, the only question is what kind of love they want. A man expects unconditional love from a woman and demands that you love him as he is. A woman, on the other hand, usually sees certain “flaws” in her favorite and tries to correct them, which is completely unacceptable for a man. Men want to be desirable to their women and they always expect allergies, warmth, love and compassion from them.

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