How to add or remove Widgets in Windows 11

The widgets are highly valued components, both in the mobile sector, both in the PC. In fact, the widgets allow you to have a better view of the elements of our interest, be it the weather, the calendar or the events in which we have to participate.

For this reason, it is essential to know how to use them correctly , setting the most useful ones in order to make the most of their potential. Windows 11 provides a panel dedicated to widgets, giving users the ability to set it according to their preferences.

In order for the Windows 11 widgets to be easy to access and use for all users, we at ChimeraRevo have created a special guide in which we explain in depth, how you can add or remove them on your PC containing the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft.

Preliminary information

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  1. Where to find Widgets in Windows 11
  2. How to add Widgets in Windows 11
  3. How to remove Widgets in Windows 11

Where to find Widgets in Windows 11

Using Windows 11 , you can find the widgets available in a special panel, accessible by clicking on the screen- shaped icon (the one to the right of the magnifying glass-shaped icon, so to speak) in the application bar.

Within the screen, therefore, you will find some pre-set widgets . However, some clarifications need to be made:

  • Currently, the order of widgets cannot be changed unless they are first deleted and then selected again
  • The size of the widgets can be changed: in fact, it is possible to choose whether to use a small, medium or large widget (as happens for the tiles within the Start menu in Windows 10)
  • At the moment, there are pre-installed Windows 11 app widgets available. In the future, it will certainly be possible to add third-party widgets as well (downloadable via the official Microsoft store)

How to add Widgets in Windows 11

Once the necessary clarifications have been made, we can proceed and understand how it is possible to add widgets in Windows 11.

  • Click on the widget icon , located inside the application bar
  • Scroll through the screen until you find the Add widget item , then click on it
  • Find the widget of your interest and click on it to add it

How to remove Widgets in Windows 11

Did you realize that you no longer need a particular widget? I inform you immediately that it is possible to remove the widgets of your interest, at any time. It should be noted that, when you go to remove the widget from the appropriate screen, you will not delete the app from your PC.

  • Click on the widget icon , located inside the application bar
  • Then, click on More options (located at the top right of the widget of your interest)
  • At this point, click on Remove Widget

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