How to Customize Widgets on Windows

If you have upgraded to the latest version of Windows, which is Windows 11, you should know that you will now have the option to add or customize widgets on your desktop . Among the many customizations that you can make, you will find, you can hide or remove a particular widget, customize any specific section, add more widgets, etc. If you haven’t gotten your hands on widgets, or you’ve recently upgraded to version 11 of the Windows operating system, don’t worry because this detailed guide is meant to teach you everything you need.

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  • 1Add new widget on windows 11
  • 2Widget Customization in Windows: All Options Available!
    • 1Remove or hide a particular widget
    • 2Customize widgets
    • 3Add or unlock a widget
    • 4Resize a widget
    • 5Move a widget
    • 6How do I insert new widgets on the Windows 11 desktop?

Add new widget on windows 11

By default, Windows 11 widgets display weather forecasts, stock information, sports (which will be customized based on your location). However, there are many other things you can add to the widget panel. For example, you can include Family Safety, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft To Do, Traffic Information, and so on. To add a new widget, do the following:

  • Open the Widgets panel by clicking on the system tray icon.
  • Click the Add Widget button .
  • Find a widget you want to show.
  • Click the plus sign  .
  • Click the Close Flyout button  .

After that, you can find the desired widget in the Widget panel.

Widget Customization in Windows: All Options Available!

Remove or hide a particular widget

As with making a widget visible, you can also hide or remove a particular widget. Here’s how to hide a widget:

  • Open the Widgets panel in Windows 11.
  • Click the three-dot icon of a widget you want to hide.
  • Select the Remove Widget button .

Customize widgets

Depending on the widget, you can customize it according to your needs. For example, you can change the location of the Weather widget, add a new league to the Sports widget, add the stock stocks you are tracking to the Recommended for you widget , or add weather widgets.

To do this, you need to click on the three dot icon visible on the top right corner of a particular widget and select the Customize widget option.

Then, you can choose what you want to change. Although the options are limited, you can find all the essential information from these widgets by customizing them. Aside from that, you can hide a particular news item, hide a publisher, save a story to read later, etc.

Add or unlock a widget

This is a pretty useful option for customizing widgets in Windows 11. If you want some widgets to stay at the top of the widgets tab, you can add a widget of your choice. Later, you can also unlock easily. That’s how:

  1. Access the widgets tab from the taskbar
  2. Click the More Options icon (three vertical dots) for a widget
  3. Click the Add widget option.

To unlock a widget , you can follow the similar steps given below:

  1. Open the widget tab
  2. Use the More Options icon for a pinned widget
  3. Click the Unlock Widgets option .

Resize a widget

A pinned widget can also be resized to small, large or medium size depending on the card size supported by a particular widget. To resize a widget:

  1. Open the widget’s More options menu
  2. Click on the size option (Medium, Small or Large).

Move a widget

If you want to change the position of a widget , you can also move a widget from one place to another on the widget tab. It works for both locked and unlocked widgets.

To do this, hold down the left mouse button on a widget header, drag the widget to move it and drop it somewhere else on the widget tab.

How do I insert new widgets on the Windows 11 desktop?

It is not possible to show widgets on the Windows 11 desktop like in Windows 7. There is no built-in option in Windows 11. However, you can use some  third party desktop gadget apps , such as 8GadgetPack, Gadgets Revived, etc., to get Windows 7-like gadgets in Windows 11.


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