How to add Widgets to Telegram

In essence, Telegram is a great application to communicate , which allows us to have an account without a phone number . This is a great benefit for everyone who needs to notify other users of important information. For these reasons, Telegram has made an effort to provide better functions and one of these is the Widgets, that is why it is worth asking how to add and configure all the Widgets easily in Telegram?

This is a simple process that you can do from any device. Widgets allow us to see all the necessary information without having to enter the application . Next we will mention the easiest way to configure all the Widgets in Telegram.

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  1. What is the function of Telegram Widgets and how to use them?
  2. What are the Telegram Widgets that you can use?
    1. Last message received
    2. Direct access for contacts
  3. Is it possible to add Widgets to Telegram without having an account?
  4. Steps to add Widgets on Android and iOS mobiles
  5. Other Widgets that you can use on your cell phone

What is the function of Telegram Widgets and how to use them?

Widgets are small shortcuts that you can have on your cell phone , which allow you to perform functions without the need to directly access the application. Many of the users do not know how to use them or they think that they should be downloaded but it is not like that.

Mainly the function of Telegram Widgets is to offer quick access to messages and contacts . These can be viewed on the main screen of your mobile and all you have to do is have the application updated, in this case Telegram. These can have various styles depending on the cell phone or you can edit them to your liking.

To use them, just select them directly from the main screen after pressing an empty space and waiting for the menu to appear. There you will be able to choose between all the available Widgets of all your installed applications. In the case of Telegram, for now they are only available are Widgets to be used.

It should be noted that each Widget has a mandatory space that it must consume on your screen . This is represented by two numbers that indicate the spaces it occupies in the vertical and horizontal. You must take this into account when using the Telegram Widgets to have enough space to use them.

What are the Telegram Widgets that you can use?

Although Widgets are available for many applications, the ones for Telegram have not yet been fully developed. Here are the Telegram Widgets that can be used on Android and iOS:

Last message received

One of these Widgets allows us to observe the last message, that is, if someone sends you a message, it will be displayed in this as well as the conversation. You can select the exact chat you want to see to read or reply to messages. Similarly, it allows you to view the last messages of the last three chats.

Direct access for contacts

Also, this Widget helps us to enter directly to the contacts. You will be able to see a small icon of one of your added users, this helps you to quickly enter the chat of it. You can place an important user , such as a family member or friend, and always have them on hand to write.

If you want to vary the contacts you can also do it, you can also select several. You can also delete them by holding down the icon and dragging it to the trash . These make the main screen of your cell phone more striking and at the same time allow you to inform yourself.

Is it possible to add Widgets to Telegram without having an account?

Actually, using Telegram Widgets without having an account is somewhat complicated. This is because the main models available require an active account where you can view chats and contacts from it . Even the use of bots requires a registered account for its use.

All things considered, adding Widgets to Telegram is a simple process that allows greater efficiency when it comes to reading and writing messages to your contacts. Without an account this would not be possible because you would not have a registered address book or contacts .

Steps to add Widgets on Android and iOS mobiles

Telegram allows us to make endless configurations  how to send reminders, play music, videos and add the Widgets. To do it on Android, follow these steps:

  1. You will have to have the application updated in its latest version, to do so just enter Google Play and press the button that says ‘Update’.
  2. Go to the home screen of your cell phone and hold on an empty space. You willsee that different options appear.
  3. Click on the one that says ‘Widgets’. A list will appear, in this you will have to find the Telegram ones, select all the ones you want and place them in the place on the screen where you want them to be. Remember to take into account the space that each of them needs.

In the case of iOS, the procedure is not very different, but it must be specified anyway. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Press the screen in a space where there is no icon.
  2. The ‘+’ signwill appear where you will have to press .
  3. When you do this, the menu will appear where you will look for the Telegram Widgets.
  4. When you press the Widget you want, it is immediately added to the desktop, but if you don’t like the place you can change its position.
  5. To edit them you will have to press its icon, press the ‘Edit Widgets’ optionand by doing so we will be able to add all the chats you choose.

Repeat this process if you want to add others to your main screen . To edit it from Android the process will be the same and it will even allow you to see how the Widget will appear on your main screen. There are not many Widgets, but new ones may appear every time, to obtain them you will have to keep Telegram updated.

Other Widgets that you can use on your cell phone

As we already mentioned, Telegram is the best messaging application, which you can take full advantage of knowing all the secret tricks that the Telegram app contains. But it does not have so many Widgets , you can add more, which even if they are not directly from the application can help you with the organization or the use of it.

To know these other Widgets you will only have to review the menu. Among the most noteworthy are ‘Month calendar Widget’ , this allows you to add a calendar to your mobile in which you can place the days when you need to send specific messages to some of your contacts.

There is also ‘Home agenda’ which, as its name indicates, is an excellent agenda where you can save any message or document that you have to send in Telegram.

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