How long does iPhone 13 last from charging

Apple, as usual, said not everything about the new iPhone models. But unlike in previous years, this time she was excessively modest. Apparently, this is some kind of her new trick. The company’s brand new smartphones, all the time, turn out to be even better than their customers expected. But all this is nothing compared to the discoveries made by the torturers of brand new iPhones. As usual, some acquire them precisely for this purpose – to break, bring to complete exhaustion, forcing them to work for hours, without interruption. But the results of some of the tests this year are also special.

iPhone 13, although it looks boring, in fact turned out to be very interesting and attractive, including in terms of reliability

iPhone на iOS 14.8 и iOS 15 быстро разряжается. В чём дело

The iPhone 13, by all accounts, shouldn’t have been bought. They were called boring. They are, in fact, almost the same as the iPhone 12, just improved. Who needs improvements? Moreover, the number “13” in the name of the models. There were many bad signs. And the demand for them, again, judging by the signs, is at least no worse than a year ago. There were even queues for them on the day of the start of sales, for example, in Moscow. I saw it myself. They cannot be compared with what happened in the 2000s and early 10s, but they are quite impressive.

Which smartphone has the most powerful battery

This is called a “stress test”. The devices under test are set up in the same way. The sound is set to half of the maximum, the brightness to the maximum, and the batteries are charged to 100%. Also, make sure the batteries are new and have the maximum capacity. They are turned on at the same time and do not allow them to fall asleep until the battery runs out. All devices run the same programs at the same time. The experimenter does it manually, and he also keeps track of the time – there is no need to talk about the laboratory purity of the experiment. Nevertheless, the test results are fairly objective. All iPhone models officially marketed by Apple participated in the stress test. They are listed below, with the prices of the cheapest configurations of these iPhones in the Russian online Apple store (taxes and fees included), the list is sorted by price:

  • iPhone SE 2 – 39 990 ₽;
  • iPhone 11 — 49 990 ₽;
  • iPhone 12 — 59 990₽;
  • iPhone 13 mini — 69 990₽;
  • iPhone 13 — 79 990₽;
  • iPhone 13 Pro — 99 990₽;
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max— 109 990₽.

Before the start of the tests, an unspoken rival of the competitors was named. The best results in similar competitions were shown by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it lasted 8 hours and 41 minutes in the stress test. Continuously working and consuming battery power. Below are the stress test results for the current iPhone lineup, starting with the latest:

  • iPhone SE 2 – 3 hours 38 minutes;
  • iPhone 11 – 4 hours 20 minutes;
  • iPhone 12 – 5 hours 54 minutes;
  • iPhone 13 mini – 6 hours 26 minutes;
  • iPhone 13 – 7 hours 45 minutes;
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 8 hours 17 minutes;
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 9 hours 52 minutes

Have you noticed that in the first and second lists, the iPhone models are in the same order? The experimenter considers smartphones to be good if they withstand a stress test for at least five hours. The great ones are those who withstand at least six hours, and the greatest – at least seven hours. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro scores are the greatest of the greatest, beyond any category. The result of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is simply outstanding, more than an hour ahead of its closest rival. In real life, smartphones last much longer on battery power. Even the batteries of “bad” smartphones in normal mode are enough for the whole day. How long is “simply outstanding” enough? It depends not so much on its technical data, but on how intensively and for what it is used. The fact that the order in both lists coincided is an accident. A year ago, the iPhone 12 performed better than the iPhone 12 Pro in a stress test.

What happens if iPhone falls

iPhone 13 is quite durable, but it’s best not to drop it on hard surfaces.

Sometimes even falling off the table turns out to be fatal for the iPhone, but it also happens otherwise, and even when falling from a much greater height. This is a matter of chance, so do not repeat these experiments – specially purchased smartphones are broken in drop tests. EverythingApplePro dropped iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max onto concrete floor. From table height, from the position in which the iPhone is held during a conversation (near the ear?) And from a height of 10 feet (about 3 meters). Both smartphones successfully survived three drops from the table – without chips or scratches, while retaining functionality. The iPhone 13 Pro’s screen was severely damaged when dropped from the second position, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max was unharmed. Both smartphones remain functional. When dropped from a height of three meters, the back of the iPhone 13 Pro shattered.

But falling with the front side down led to the destruction of his screen. At the same time, both iPhones remained functional. And in the insurance service Allstate Protection Plans, as part of the annual test of the durability of smartphones “in the interests of science”, the brand new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro were broken. According to insurers, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are no better or worse than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in this regard. iPhone 13 survived the first face-down fall from a height of 6 feet (approximately 2 meters), but during the second fall, its screen, protected by a ceramic shield, cracked at the corners. In similar tests on the heavier iPhone 13 Pro, the screen cracked in the first drop. Chips and cracks appeared on both smartphones after the first fall. In the falls on the back side, the iPhone 13 survived in the first two, in the third, it damaged the cameras.


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