How to add and send a countdown clock by email

There are various tools created to simplify our life. Many of them with the passage of time, we have gotten used to using them. Others however, we must familiarize ourselves and learn to use them. For example we know that we can attach different types of files to an email , but did you know that you can add and send a countdown clock by email ? Find out how to use and mail them.

What are countdown clocks and what are they for?

A countdown clock or also called countdown, follows a sequence in regressive time for an important event and indicates the time remaining for that date. These are usually seen in movies for the timing of a bomb detonation or a rocket launch into space.

But these can be very useful to us in real life; They can serve to remind us of the date of an important event, or notify us of a special activity that we must carry out. They can also help us to advertise or marketing our services on the internet ; how? By announcing to others how much time they have left to make their purchase, because the offer will end soon.

This marketing strategy can be very useful , as it invites the buyer to take quick action so as not to miss the opportunity, especially if a time-back marker runs out on the same day.

Various internet pages can offer us a good service for the countdown clock. Although it can be useful for us to notify ourselves of something, we can also send notices to others. Email can be a very timely medium; in fact, it is one of the most used.

How to add and send a countdown by email

In principle, you must choose the page of your preference to make a countdown clock in a personalized way; choosing the date you want the timer to end, which includes month, day and year. Then you can customize it, adding color, an image, animation, among other things.

When you have the countdown ready, the page automatically generates an HTML code, or you can also request it; then you enter your email account and that code proceeds to copy and paste it into a new email message . You can send this email in HTML format to all the contacts you have, or those you want to notify about an event or a promotion.

If you start your email with the countdown, it would be ideal to immediately capture the attention of the person, then you can explain the invitation, or give more details about the promotion.

Latest tips and advice

As well as the other useful tools that we have at our fingertips, we must be balanced when using the countdown clocks. If we use it a lot and for everything, it will lose its importance and value, when the occasion really warrants it; such as a party, movie premiere, product promotion, or a major sale.

These can serve as a reminder on the calendar for an activity that you usually forget; so every time you enter your email it will notify you as a reminder. If you are going to use it as an invitation to an event, try to do it with enough time for your contacts to plan well.

You can use it as a stopwatch of your planned activities, and see if you do things on the scheduled time and days, which will help you organize , improve your schedule, or continue to stick to it. Without a doubt, very practical in these busy days, and with so many things to do, without knowing where to start.

As we saw, countdown time clocks can help us plan, organize and help others to be aware of an upcoming event or promotion. If you liked the information, do not hesitate to put it into practice, share it with others and leave us your comments at the end of the article.


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