How to clean the interior of the car

Cleaning the interior of the car is a very important operation for several reasons, both from the point of view of the car’s habitability but also from the hygienic point of view. So let’s see how to wash the interior of the vehicle.

Why wash the interior of the car

Most motorists only wash the bodywork of their vehicle and at most they do a pass of glass cleaner on the windows to give it a shiny appearance, leaving out the interior which, as you know, requires a much longer work. Yet washing the interior is a very important operation for several reasons.

First of all, the saying that is beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside must never be given truth . A washed and polished interior will have much more effect on you and your passengers than a polished body because it is where ‘the car lives’. Just think for a moment how nice it is when you get into the car and smell a nice clean smell, there is no dust on the dashboard and various residues.

Secondly, washing the interior is very important from a hygienic point of view. Dirt, especially the dust that accumulates under the mats, is the ideal habitat in which bacteria, viruses and molds grow. These will then compromise driving well-being. Without considering that, if you have a dog, fur residues can cause annoying reactions in allergy sufferers.

Clean surface dirt and mats

The first very useful tool to use is the vacuum cleaner . Before moving on to any thorough cleaning, in fact, it is necessary to remove the most superficial dirt, such as the dust that settles on the dashboard. Before starting, however, remove by hand all those obstructions that can clog the vacuum cleaner hose. Things like twigs, leaves and pebbles that are brought in from the outside when getting in and out of the car.

Vacuum the mats well both on the mats and, above all, underneath since that is the moment when the most dirt accumulates. A very effective trick is to sprinkle the mats with baking soda and leave it to act for about half an hour, in this way the most superficial stains will come to the surface and can be removed directly with a vacuum cleaner.

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You will probably turn up your nose thinking about when you need to vacuum under the seats. To make maneuvers easier, do not work from the front but from the back. Pull the seats all the way forward and lower the backrest as far as possible to make full use of the room to maneuver. Then remove any crumbs and various residues from the seat trolleys using a fine-bristled brush and let them fall to the ground, and then finish the job with the vacuum cleaner.

Even by vacuuming off the largest residues, the interior of your car will take on a completely new look, but at this point we might as well finish the job and get to the end.

Starting with the mats, these are the easiest part to clean. you can opt for a specialized productthat is on the market, or if you want to save on spending, opt for a homemade solution without problems, creating your own mat. Take a container and pour into it a glass and a half of water, a few drops of dish soap, two tablespoons of baking soda and a glass of vinegar (of wine, apples or whatever you prefer). You can also put a few drops of essential oil to give a nice fragrance. Pass the solution on the mat and then use a stiff bristle brush. Once the mat is rinsed off, simply leave it in the air to dry. However, do not put them wet again in the car otherwise mold may form especially on the underside.

How to clean the seats

Moving on to the seats insteadthe treatment is slightly different. Again the choice could fall on the specific product or create a solution in house. Use the same previous production, with dish soap, baking soda, water and a few drops of essential oil. Dip a brush into the solution and let the excess water drop, then gently scrub the seats. In this case, what you have to do is not wet completely, but only moisten. The created solution removes or lifts the machines. In any case, after each stroke, remove the excess liquid with the towel, continuing until it is completely clean. The seats will remain wet, and to prevent mold or odors from forming, open the windows and let them air dry. If possible,

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If, on the other hand, the seats are in leather , then remember to deal with much more delicate surfaces, so the solution devised at home and common detergents can be too aggressive and leave indelible stains.

The leather seats fact require specific products, rather more delicate. Just go to a specialized shop and follow the instructions on the product. Or, try not to harm, you can use a simple cotton swab dipped in cleansing milk for the face. Lightly pass the soaked swab over the stain and wait a few minutes to see if it takes effect.

Regardless of the type of product and treatment you decide to use, remember that leather seats, if they are hot, absorb products better and release stains more quickly. So I wash them in the summer or turn on the hot air in the car for a few minutes.


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