What are the pros and cons of long-term rental without down payment.

The long-term rental with no advance allows individuals and businesses to get the new car without having to pay any initial deposit.

But how does it work ? Let’s find out together.

The advantages

If it is true that in Italy, in recent years, the new concept of use of movable and immovable property has spread more and more, which allows them to be rented and not owned, a strong push in this sense goes towards the sector of individual mobility.

The new product adopted by car manufacturers and various companies aims to offer long-term rental without down payment, in order to be able to effectively meet the most diverse needs.

This translates into a nice advantage, because in practice it will be enough for you to pay the installment to be able to use your new car: but how do you determine the amount of the installment?

The amount of the monthly payment is determined above all on the basis of the characteristics of the vehicle you are examining (value, size, prestige, brand, etc.) but also on what may be your needs (amount, number of installments, etc.) .

This makes the long-term rental system with no down payment simple, effective and really suitable for everyone.

The options

Long-term rental is a contract that essentially provides you with a new car, but above all that offers you a service.
If when you are entering into a long-term car rental agreement you are about to be stopped from paying an advance, you will no longer have to worry. You too could get your new car by taking advantage of the possibility of long-term rental without advance : this is an option that more and more companies offer.

In this case, whoever conducts the contract will only have to pay the agreed monthly installments, remembering that the amount will be slightly higher to cover the absence of the advance payment.

What it includes

The long-term rental fee without down payment includes everything that is normally found in the classic rental contract, including the down payment.

In practice, you will not have to pay out a (more or less high) amount to be able to drive your vehicle, but this fee will also be included in the installment.

The services are:

  • Accident assistance – roadside assistance and replacement car
  • Ordinary maintenance – the classic service
  • RCA insurance – often including theft and fire
  • Tire replacement – summer and winter
  • 24-hour assistance – covers the whole of Europe

As always happens in long-term rental, also in this case all the bureaucratic part is handled entirely by the car rental company.

Individuals and companies

Those who have a VAT number or manage a company also obtain the advantage of tax deductibility, with the recovery of VAT equal to 100% if the car is instrumental), 80% (ceiling 5,164.57 euros) for agents of trade and 20% (annual ceiling of 18,075.99 euros) for companies.

In any case, for everyone, the main advantage lies in the fact of having to think only of refueling: but not only.

In fact, by taking advantage of the long-term rental formula without down payment, you will not have fixed capital, with the constant reliability of an always new vehicle.


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