How to activate the strong password generator in Google Chrome

Next, we are going to see how to activate the strong password generator in Google Chrome in an extremely simple way and in a few steps.

Currently something that is essential to maintain the security of our accounts are passwords and it is up to each one that these are as secure as possible. In case of using a weak or easy to crack password, we can put all our data at risk.

If you want to have secure passwords then you are going to need two things, the first of which is a safe and reliable password manager , we have already spoken to you repeatedly on the subject. The second; It is a password generator and Chrome has one that, although it is in an experimental phase, works wonderfully.

For this reason, we are going to see a little below how to activate the password generator in Google Chrome in an extremely simple way and in this way you will not have to worry not only about creating secure passwords, you will not need to remember them or that Write them down, since everything will be stored in Google Smart Lock for greater security and above all comfort.

Enable Chrome’s strong password generator

  • First we are going to need to make sure that the browser password sync is working, otherwise it will not work. To achieve this we are going to have to enter the browser Settings, then we go to the options of our profile and we have to make sure that the passwords are enabled.
  • After this we can go on to activate the strong password generator. For this we will have to enter the beta configuration section of Google Chrome. What we must do is open a new tab and write in the address bar: chrome: // flags .
  • Many experimental functions will open and here we will have to search for “ Password Generation ”. To find it faster, press ” Ctrl + U ” and a search box will open where you will have to put ” Pasword Generation “.
  • If you look at the right side you can display a menu by clicking on ” Default ” and then you have to choose ” Enabled “. Now we are going to restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Once we open it again we can enjoy this new function.

How to use Chrome’s password generator

After activating this feature, what we are going to do is go to a website where we must register and fill in all the fields. But in the password section we are going to right click and a few options will appear.

The first one will say ” Generate password “. We can see a box where we can view the randomly generated password and it will be saved in Google Smart Lock . So we do not even need to remember it or write it down anywhere.

In this simple way we can generate safe, unique and reliable passwords to be able to use in different web services without having to think about anything at all. Since, when saved in Google Smart Lock, we do not have to even write it down, since it is in a safe place.

It is one of the most interesting functions that we hope in the not too distant future we will have available by default in Google Chrome with the possibility of configuring some parameters. Since, at the moment nothing of it can be configured. Not length, not types of characters, nothing.

It is still something very useful and safe to use that many people will appreciate a lot when it comes to having to register for different services or change the passwords of those they are already using daily.


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