How do I activate tab groups in Google Chrome?

It is very common for each person to want to personalize their Google Chrome home for convenience and easy access to the web addresses they regularly visit. If this is your case, but you have difficulties adding and organizing your tabs, today we will show you how to do it.

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  1. How do I activate tab groups in Google Chrome?
  2. How are tabs grouped on your Mobile device?
    1. From an Android
    2. With an iPhone
  3. What is the best way to organize your tabs?
  4. What is known as a lash scheme?

How do I activate tab groups in Google Chrome?

Activating the groups of tabs in Chrome is simple, we can do it through the hidden functions of Google . Google contains very useful extensions and hidden functions and among them we will find the “Tab Groups” function, which allows us to activate the groups of tabs as follows:

  1. We start by typing Google: // flags in the address barat the top of the screen. By pressing search, it will direct us to the experimental functions of Google where we are presented with exactly the one we are looking for.
  2. We must locate “Tab Groups” between the functions and click on the option to activate it. Restart the device and make sure the changes were saved efficiently and correctly.

To create the groups we drag the tabs to the group to which we want to integrate it . To enjoy a complete organization, we can name and choose different colors for each group.

How are tabs grouped on your Mobile device?

It’s easier than you think, and a tool that will definitely make your life easier, whether you’re using Android or iPhone. That is why we explain how to do it in each case.

From an Android

To group Google tabs on an Android device, we must make sure we have the correct Google update for Android, and then:

  1. We must press the box located near the top of the screen, to the right, which usually indicates the number of tabs we have open.
  2. Once this is done, we will find the icon  in the upper right part of the screen, which will display the options bar .
  3. Among them, we will see the option to ‘Group tabs’. Now we must select the tabs that we want to group, and that’s it.

Unlike the PC, the mobile does not allow us to assign colors to each group , however, it still allows us to organize our Google start to work more comfortably.

In case the possibility of grouping tabs does not appear, it means that it is not yet available for the update that our device has and we must wait until it is.

With an iPhone

In the case of the iPhone, it is the same procedure as with Android, except that, in the iPhone Chrome startup, we will find the number of tabs and the option bar ” ⋅⋅⋅” at the bottom of the screen .

What is the best way to organize your tabs?

Although the groups of tabs tend to make us a more organized space, many people cannot contain ourselves to open a lot of sites at the same time while browsing, making the task of quickly locating any of them difficult.

Luckily for us, there is a tool that can be very useful in this type of case, and we will present it here.

Its name is OneTab , a useful extension that turns tabs into links that we can restore when we need them , in groups or individually. In addition, it allows us to free up space in the bar, since it groups all the links in a single and practical tab.

Due to this function, we can also save more than 90% of RAM memory and surf with a much higher speed. Once installed, we can find it in the upper right corner of our browser.

Another way to maintain order in your browser is by configuring the websites visited so that they appear first in the address bar. In this way you can quickly access them without having to have them open in several tabs.

What is known as a lash scheme?

The Tab Outliner (tab scheme translated into Spanish), is another tool that allows us to group and manage tabs . This extension has a wide variety of functions, among them, the facility to add notes and create task lists that facilitate the organization of the device.

By means of this extension we can also create groups of tabs, and it shows us the ones we have visited in a hierarchical scheme , in which we can organize them in the order that we see fit.

Without a doubt, this tool is very practical to organize the tabs on our devices and make our space easier to handle.

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