How to control Spotify playback from Chrome tabs

Without a doubt, Streaming platforms are taking over the internet today. Many content creators have taken advantage of these platforms that have emerged in recent years to bring quality content to their users.

Platforms like Twitch, YouTube and even Spotify have generated millions of users spend hours enjoying the best content and Google has realized this and has provided some tools for playback on all Spotify is much more satisfying.

It is a Google extension called Spotify Controller Chrome that will allow us to play, pause, forward or backward and change the song as the case may be from any tab that we have open in Google.

This extension facilitates navigation since everything is controlled from the page, without having to go directly to Spotify, so that we will save a lot of time by not having to enter Spotify every time we want to change a song.

In the following article we will explain how to control Spotify playback from Google Chrome tabs, quickly and easily.

Control Spotify from any browser tab in Google Chrome

Although playback on mobile devices is the strong point of the platform, we can also use the web version for desktop computers.

With the extension that we mentioned above we can control the playback of Spotify from any tab, since this extension acts as a small playback toolbar that is integrated into the web navigation bar.

For this reason we can control the platform from any tab, making our browsing completely free and we have access to Spotify whenever we want and from the browser. The best of all is that being a Google extension, we can use it with any type of device.

The first thing we should do is open a tab in our web browser and open the Spotify web player There you must register or log in to Facebook. To access.

Once they log in they will be able to see how the mini-player integrated to the program appears, being able to control the music from any tab in which we are.

This add-on is very useful for those people who spend hours in the browser listening to music on Spotify since they save a lot of time that they would waste entering the platform again and again to change songs.

Control Spotify from any browser tab in Mozilla Firefox

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use Mozilla Firefox as your usual browser, no problem, there is still a way that you can control Spotify from any tab , since it also has its own extension to be able to fulfill this type of task.

The extension that we must install is called Web Player for Spotify. This complement will allow an independent player to appear integrated into the browser to be able to use Spotify from any tab, since the web version of this platform does not have an integrated player to control the music.

Control Spotify with keyboard shortcuts

This is another good alternative to be able to manually control Spotify from any tab, with the difference that we will do it from the keyboard, which may be even more practical for some users.

In order to carry out this process we will need another extension called Spotify Web Player Hotkeys in case of using the Google Chrome browser and Spotify Hotkeys in case of using Mozilla Firefox.

Both extensions are available completely free on the Chrome Web Stores of Google and the official Firefox Add-ons page. With them we can configure Spotify from the keyboard and through the browser without having to access the platform.

Once you install it on your computer, you can open it to configure the shortcuts. This extension brings some predefined shortcuts to be able to play, pause, select the next or previous song or raise and lower the volume of the songs.

Other ways to control Spotify from tabs

There is another simple and practical way to control Spotify and any tab that includes audio or video playback and it is the extension located in the upper right corner of the browser, next to gmail, with which you will control everything.


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