How to activate the Meetic hearts filter on Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, some time ago they added the option to add filters to their Stories to compete with their rival Snapchat app, today we will see how we can apply a filter created by Meetic , the quotes, a filter of hearts with which you can see yourself with your date in the same photo .

The real name of the filter is “Splitfilter” created by Meetic , the popular dating website and app. Being a filter created by third parties we will have to look for it and if we like it, add it to our favorites.

How to navigate in invisible mode on Meetic

To use Meetic’s “Splitfilter” filter you will have to add a new Story , follow these steps that you will see below, and thus see what this filter looks like:

  • The quickest step will be to click on the filter within a Story in which the filter is used, for this we will go directly to the Meetic account, to see the filter created by them.
  • His profile is @meetic.
  • Once inside your profile we can see several icons, among them there will be a face with a star , it is the icon that symbolizes the filters.
  • By clicking on that icon we will see that there is only one filter.
  • We press it and we can see it, a button will appear at the bottom “Test”.
  • Our camera will appear directly so that we can test the effect with whoever we want.

Another way we have to see the “Splitfilter” filter is to search for it manually in the filter gallery , to do this follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram and click on “New” .
  • Select ” Story.”
  • Now the filters you have saved will appear next to the button to take the photo or video, but we have to look for the one that says “Explore effects”.
  • Next we will have to look for the filter in the search bar.
  • Now the filter will appear and we will have to follow the same steps that we mentioned in the previous method to be able to test it.

Web: Meetic’s profile on Instagram

So if you want to surprise all your friends and contacts with your new date or to seem like you are with someone (although somewhat caramelized, since the filter adds pink effects) , Meetic’s “splitfilter” heart filter will be your favorite.

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