How to access Instagram and its filter ‘Similar’ in your App

If you are going to upload an image on Instagram you can not only upload it and that’s it, but you can also put music on it and also tag other people . This in a way contributes to more people following you, the music gives a bit of style to the photo by taking it out of the monotony.

Now, going back to the topic of Instagram, you need to know how the Instagram filters feature works . In this short overview, we will show you how to use filters with your device’s camera, what are the best instagram filters, and how to download certain Instagram filters.

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  1. How do lookalike filters work on Instagram?
  2. What steps do you have to follow to use and download the filter on your Instagram camera?
    1. With Android
    2. On iOS
  3. Is the result of these Instagram filters reliable?
  4. Best lookalike filters to use on Instagram and have a lot of fun
    1. What animal do you look like
    2. What celebrity do you look like
    3. What bird do you look like
    4. Which Disney character do you look like?

How do lookalike filters work on Instagram?

Instagram filters analyze the shape of the face and body of the person and based on that they put a resemblance to your face. There are multiple types of similarities in this “ Similar ” filter that incorporates one of the most recent updates to the application. Now, by activating this filter you will decide with what you want the filter to look like.

You need to know that the ” Similar ” filter is just one of the best filters in the application, there is an immense amount of filters that you can use. However, you will discover these as you use the application more.

What steps do you have to follow to use and download the filter on your Instagram camera?

In order to use the ” Similar ” filter within the Instagram application, you must first download it. However, if you do not know how to download this filter, do not worry since it is very simple and then we will explain in a detailed and simple way how to download the filter on your device.

With Android

Applications always change the place of some of their options depending on the type of operating system that the device has. So, if you download the Instagram application on your Android mobile and then compare it with an application on an iOS phone, you will notice that some things change.

However, to download this filter on Android, you must go to the initial window of the application, look for the icon with the “+” sign. In there, you will look for the ” Stories ” section and then the icon in the shape of a lupita.

By pressing the lupita, you will be able to explore all the filters that the application has  and these are divided according to their type.


On this occasion, you want to lower the ” Similar ” filter and do not want to explore other types of filters. For this reason, make use of the filter search engine and place in the ” Similar ” button and all the filters similar to this one will appear immediately.

When the search is over, choose the ” Similar ” filter and the rest would be to download the filter. You need to know that such filters sometimes turn out to be a bit heavy.

It should be noted that, if the option to search for these filters does not appear, you can search for information to  update your phone’s Instagram . Or you can go to the Play Store at once and download the latest version of the App from there .

On iOS

If your phone is iOS, you have to open the Instagram application and then select the icon where you upload the stories. There, you are going to locate the icon of a lupita and you are going to press it to access the filters menu. At this point, put the word ” Similar ” in the search engine in this section and proceed to download the filter.

It should be noted that with Instagram you can already place your location on your publications and you can follow certain recommendations so that your stories are much more viewed .

Is the result of these Instagram filters reliable?

The results that the Instagram filter search engine gives you is completely reliable and it will always show you results that are associated with what you have searched for. So, you should not worry about this kind of thing, because if you put the word ” Similar ” the result will be that filter.

Best lookalike filters to use on Instagram and have a lot of fun

Earlier we said that the “ Similar ” filter is divided into multiple sections. These are the resemblance to animated Disney people, resemblance to certain birds, resemblance to a famous person, and the animal you look like.

What animal do you look like

One of the most used “Similar” filters within the platform is that of animals. With this, the platform analyzes your face and depending on its shape or appearance, it will place an animal filter on you.

This is one way to have fun today. Since after placing the filter on the image you can upload it in your story or else you can only save it in the mobile storage and then send it to a friend

What celebrity do you look like

Many are interested in knowing what kind of celebrity they look like and then showing it to their friends. If you wish, you can download such a filter to test which famous person you look like.

What bird do you look like

The filter that gives the most laugh, turns out to be the bird effect, since the appearance that the filter gives you is a bit difficult to imagine. If you want to annoy or make your friends, family or acquaintances laugh a little, download this filter and you will see that the results are very good and effective .

Which Disney character do you look like?

To finish with everything, we will talk about the filter of Disney characters. This filter gives you the resemblance of a character created by Disney that best suits your face or the appearance of your body. Many people use this filter to turn their photos into a cartoon and then upload them as a profile photo.


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