How to activate the Google Assistant routines?

Having an assistant is now possible; thanks to Google Assistant technology and devices like Google Home Mini and other compatible devices from different brands. If you don’t have a smart speaker , you can still automate various tasks in your daily life using your smartphone; You can adapt this wonderful assistant to your daily activities, but how can you create and activate Google Assistant routines? Here we will teach you this and more.

Remember that there is always the option to deactivate this application if it does not meet your expectations, or if you consider that you are not yet ready to have your own assistant.

How to activate the predefined routines of Google Assistant

Routines allow you to carry out certain tasks, without the need to enter different applications to turn on or turn off your electronic devices; Google Assistant will do it for you, you will find already defined routines in the app, such as: Good morning, Bedtime, Leaving home, I’m at home, daily commute to work, Daily commute home, you just have to configure them to your liking. How?

  1. From your mobile, enter the Google App, then select the compass in the upper right.
  2. Now in the upper right corner you will see three vertical dots, there you will find the Settings
  3. In settings you will see several options, enter Assistant, in that menu you will find the Routinesoption .

In the window the predefined routines will be displayed , you can edit the voice command that activates the routine, select the actions you want to be executed, for example, weather report, turn on lights; You can also add the playback of multimedia content and even change the voice of your assistant.

In the cogwheel you can configure each of the actions and the content that you want to reproduce, save your configuration in the upper right part of the screen, where you see the check symbol. How can you create and activate new routines?

How to create and activate routines

Although you can take advantage of the routines that are already predefined in the application, you will surely want to create some that adapt to your daily activity and your tastes. How?

  1. Verify that all your devices are connected to the same Wifi network.
  2. Enter the Google App, select the Compassin the upper right corner.
  3. Select the three dots in the upper right corner, go to Settings.
  4. In that window, go to the Assistant option, then to Routines.
  5. You will see a blue icon (it has a + sign), press to add new routines.
  6. In “When”, edit the voice commandthat will activate this routine.
  7. Schedule the times and days ( Set date and time) in which you will use this routine and its actions.
  8. In the Add action item, you can choose among the popular ones offered by the app, or add actions that suit you; Example for the routine with which you start the day you can add actions that tell you how the weather is, or what your tasks are for the day.
  9. Edit the actions on the cogwheel that you get next to it; For example, you can program which lights you want to turn on when you get home.
  10. Save the actions that you have generated, by clicking on the top right of the screen; you can also change the order in which the actions are executed.
  11. If you want to play some multimedia content, select Add multimedia content, you can decide between playing, music, watching news, listening to the radio; If, for example, you click on the cogwheel, you can configure the playlist you want to play.
  12. All ready? Save your new routine, in the upper right corner of the screen.
  13. You can add as many actions as you want to your routines, make sure you have configured your smart speaker so that it is integrated with the commands of your assistant.

Some features may or may not be available, it all depends on your device and country. There are also other applications that you can try according to your needs.

Without a doubt, it is a great advantage to create and activate the Google Assistant routines, take advantage of these new technologies to save time, customize this assistant at your convenience, it is very simple you just have to follow the steps, we hope this article has helped you.


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