How to clear search history from Android Play Store?

Play Store, also called Google Play Store or Google Play, is a digital platform that was created in 2008 by the Google company for mobile devices and tablets that have the Android operating system, the purpose of which is to download applications for music, games, books, movies, free or paid; What can you do to clear the Play Store search history on your mobile? Read on and learn more about the Play Store and how to clear your history.

First steps

The process to register and publish your products is very simple and you must pay a fairly affordable cost, the data required by Google are of two types, the mandatory and the optional ; It is recommended that as many fields are filled in to obtain a good position in searches.

In particular cases, a mandatory authentication error is generated in order to access the functionalities of the play store, which is not difficult to resolve.

The information about the articles in the Play Store should be varied , including the aspects of the product, the name of the same, as well as placing a short and a complete description; emphasize with videos and images and expose to future customers how interesting the product is.

Therefore, all you have to do is first search for the “Application” and click on it, then press the “Google Play Store” button, once it opens you start browsing and then press “Content to download”.

There are cases in which we realize that we do not have a Play Store , or there may even be applications that do not appear in your play store ; then you have to check if the “Download Manager” has been deactivated, therefore it must be recovered in “Settings”, then “Applications”, then “Downloads”, press the app you want and ending in “Enable”.

What are the other functions of the Play Store app?

  • You can download the applications for your Android device from your computer ; This function is very useful when your Wi-Fi connection is poor or if your mobile battery is low, for this you enter the platform with your Gmail email and choose the application you want.
  • If you change your mobile and you need to recover the applications that you have already downloaded, you have the advantage that Google keeps in its records all the history and use of the applications that the user used; therefore, you just have to “reinstall”. In some cases it is useful to protect yourself with passwords .
  • Another important aspect is access to the Beta Play Store , which allows us to comment on this point despite being new and experimental functions before their official launch; to test it, we look for “Early Access”, which is located at the end of “Charts and Games” and we click on an application to download.
  • Another function that the page has is to analyze the version of Android that the client’s device has, detecting if the application that the user needs to download is 32 or 64 bits ; In this way, you can find out if the application you want is compatible with your mobile or not.

How to clear search history from Android Play Store?

  • The first thing to do from your device is to open the Play Store application, and it is observed that in the search bar, our history appears, to delete it we go to the menu on the left side and click on “Settings”. Once it has been displayed, click on “Delete local search history” , then you can check in the search bar and you will see that this item will no longer appear.
  • We can also delete the Play Store search history from Google activity , we start by entering “My activity”, then click on the three dots that appear in the upper right. Then we choose “Other Google activity” to enter “Google Play Library” , then “View activity”, all the history appears and to delete it, click on the trash can at the top.

To conclude, we can mention that this activity by any of the methods you choose to erase the search history of the Play Store, is done easily and with a few steps , without any complications; In addition, it has the advantage of freeing up a small space in the storage memory of your device.


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