How to take screenshots on smartwatches

Smartwatches are next- generation smart wristwatches that have an operating system that gives them characteristics similar to those of any mobile device ; being able to synchronize and interact with smartphones or tablets to run special applications that are used in different fields of our daily life, such as sports or health, and you can also take screenshots on your smartwatch, here we show you how

How useful is a smartwatch?

The functions that smart watches offer go far beyond what a conventional watch gives us; for example: pedometer, timer, alarm, alarm clock, play music, write emails, post on social networks , take pictures, make video recordings, measure heart rate, monitor sleep and much more.

There are more and more multiple tasks that can be performed with smartwatches, which is why they are starting to gain ground as the second best-selling mobile device after phones; Thanks to them, we can take better control of our physical activities , exercise routines and even our sugar levels in the case of diabetics.

What is Android Wear in smartwatches?

Smartwatch have an operating system that allows you to perform a large number of functions through the applications you have installed; Android Wear, as you can guess from its name, is an Android system adapted to devices that can be used as part of our clothing; today it is known as Wear OS or Wear OS by Google.

Wear OS by Google was launched on the market on March 18, 2014 , and was developed with the intention of being used in smartwatches, and also in other “wearable” devices, such as smart bracelets (smartband) or any other type of device. smart to be worn on the body and to be released on the market.

For now, Android Wear (Wear OS) is present in some specific watch models from brands such as: Asus, Casio, Huawei, Fossil, LG, Motorola and Samsung; but it is expected to grow further in the coming years, when demand increases and production costs fall.

How to take screenshots on smartwatches with Android Wear?

One of the first things we should know is that the screenshots that we take with Android Wear (Wear OS by Google) on our smartwatch will NOT be saved in the watch’s memory ; For now, on average these devices have 4 GB of storage, which is little in most cases.

The captures will be saved in the memory of your mobile phone (which must also have Android Wear), after you previously establish a synchronization with your watch; In order to do that, the first thing you should do is download the application.

If both devices do not have an active connection and are not synchronized, you will not be able to take the screenshot on your smartphone; But once that point is reached, what you need to do can be summarized in 5 simple steps, which we will explain below:

  1. Press the button to open the Android Wear applicationon your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the icon in the upper right part that has the shape of three dots, and thus open the menu of additional options.
  3. Find and click on the option that says “Take a wearable screenshot” or “Take wearable screenshot”, depending on the language you are using.
  4. You will immediately see an alert message that will notify you about sending the request to your smartwatch, after accepting it, the screenshotwill be saved on your phone; You must bear in mind that the location where it will be will not be the usual Android one, which is why it is advisable to use an additional application to explore the files.
  5. Finally you will see a message in the notification bar for sendingthe screenshot through the applications you have installed, such as email (Gmail), messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram), or social networks (Instagram, Facebook twitter).


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