How does the Google Assistant work?

In today’s article we will talk about, How to activate the assistant “Ok Google” seeing Why it does not work? giving a solution to this problem. Before going fully into today’s topic, we should know What is “OK Google”? This is a s ervice search which uses our voice to activate and look what we ask , all this without us touching the phone. This voice search engine is delivered in most of today’s phones for its practical function.

The official launch of this voice control command was made in 2016, being a relatively new function. Over time and with each update of Google services, this voice control assistant has been improving . However, some users often have problems with “Ok Google” and that is why in this article we will give some tips to activate “Ok Google” in case it does not work.

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  1. How does the Google Assistant work?
  2. Requirements for the Google Assistant
  3. How to access the Google assistant with your voice?
    1. What is the name of the Google voice assistant?
  4. Why can’t I use Voice match?
    1. Why can’t I activate OK Google?
      1. Problems connecting to an internet or data network
      2. The command “Ok Google” is set to another language
      3. It cannot be activated by the use of “save battery”
    2. How can I activate the “Ok Google” command on my cell phone?

How does the Google Assistant work?

The management of Google, either on your phone or on a Google Home speaker , is a voice command with which you can make your device do all kinds of things on your behalf, in addition to developing a series of functions.

No matter the phone or device you use, you can have access to Google Assistant in an easy and simple way, you can find it through its application that is available for Android and iOS.

So that you can use this function correctly and automatically, without having to touch the microphone, what we must do is make sure that this function is active , below we will show you how:

  1. Open your App, then open the Google App, then tap More (the three lines in the corner) and go to Settings.
  2. Press Voiceand activate Voice Match access. You may also want to enable Unlock with Voice Match if you want to use “Ok Google” even when your phone is locked.
  3. Read the instructions carefully so that your phone recognizes and responds to your voice correctly.

If you have problems when “Ok Google” and it doesn’t work, you can try pressing Retrain voice model, to try again, you can also try pressing Delete voice mode to delete and set everything again.

As soon as this feature is active, you can start using “Ok Google”. This human-machine interaction, through artificial intelligence , is what allows this tool to develop its functionalities.

So if a sentence is not specific enough , the app could answer you with another question or give you another expression that leads you to be more precise.

The Google Assistant works through dialogue and voice, which is not complicated to use. You will notice that this tool is bilingual on your phone, so you can speak to it in Spanish as well as in English , if you want to use another language, you just have to configure it.

Requirements for the Google Assistant

To use the Google Assistant, you will need a device that requires the following:

  • Android 5.0 is a higher version with at least 1GB of available memory.
  • Android 6.0 is the later version with 1.5 GB of available space.
  • Google app 6.13 or higher version.
  • Screen resolution of 720p or higher.
  • Google Play services.
  • Settings for the languages ​​mentioned above.

To verify that your device meets all the requirements , check your Android version, get information on how to check and update your Android version at, a page dedicated to answering any questions.

Also, try to check your version of Google app , on your device, open Google app, on the main screen, press Menu, then Settings and then look for the version number at the top, if your version is earlier than 6.13, immediately go to the Google app page and press update.

Then check if you have Google Play services, on your device go to the Google Play Services page, then press install, if you determine the option “Uninstall” or “Deactivate” , it means that you already have Google Play Services.

How to access the Google assistant with your voice?

On Android phones with 5.0 and higher versions, you can talk to the Google Assistant even if the phone is locked.

To perform this simple process, enter your Android phone or Tablet, say: “Hey, Google , open the Assistant settings”, then, then in popular settings, touch Voice Match and then activate Hey Google, if you cannot find the option Hey Google, activate the Google Assistant.

Similarly, if you deactivate Hey Google, you can still continue talking to the Google Assistant by pressing the home button on the phone.

What is the name of the Google voice assistant?

This assistant is called “Google Assistant” , although there are variations of it in names such as Hey Google, Google Home or Google Now, it is an assistant developed with artificial intelligence by Google, it is primarily available on mobile devices and smart homes. Unlike Google Now, the Assistant can participate in two-way conversations.

Why can’t I use Voice match?

If when trying to record a new voice for the voice assistant, you notice that it is not working correctly, it could mean that the problem is coming from your microphone . Most likely it will not work correctly. To verify if the problem persists in the microphone, call a friend, if your conversation flows smoothly you will know that your microphone is not faulty and you will have to find other solutions for this problem.

It may also be that your voice assistant is disabled due to a manipulation error, to which I recommend entering the settings of your cell phone and make sure that your Google Assistant is active, before trying to solve any more complex problem, it is important that be sure to check the database.

Why can’t I activate OK Google?

Although the “Ok Google” function has some development time, some users continue to have problems with this voice command , some being very simple and others that we must know a little more about electronic devices to solve them. Here are some of the more common “Ok Google” issues.

Problems connecting to an internet or data network

Most of the time we use the “Ok Google” function when we are not looking at the phone, in order to continue doing some activity that occupies our hands. In some cases when we are carrying out an activity that prevents us from checking the phone, we do not realize that we do not have the data activated, or we are not connected to an internet network .

It is common that on some occasions we make this mistake, either because our phone is out of range of the WiFi network or we do not have mobile data with which to access this function, which requires an Internet flow to serve .

The command “Ok Google” is set to another language

Another problem we may have is that we are using a different language than the one we speak in our “Ok Google” so the words we are saying will not be recognized . To solve this problem we must enter “assistant settings” then we enter languages ​​and set the language we speak as the assistant language.

Once we have done this, we can use “Ok Google” without any problem, since the voice controller is going to identify the words we say in our language.

It cannot be activated by the use of “save battery”

Finally, the last of the most common problems with failing “Ok Google” is having battery saver . When using Battery saver “Ok Google” cannot be used . If we did not know about this, we would believe that our phone has a problem with the use of this voice control assistant.

To be able to use “Ok Google” again, we must deactivate the battery saving, leaving the option of using this assistant available again . If this voice command was not active, we will have to proceed to activate it. If you don’t know how to activate “Ok Google” we will explain it below.

How can I activate the “Ok Google” command on my cell phone?

We have already seen some of the most common problems that occur with “Ok Google” we will see how we can activate this function on our device, since some users do not know how to activate this virtual assistant, believing that it does not serve them when in reality it is not even activated .

To activate “Ok Google” we must go to the Google application, then we access “settings” and we will find a tab called “voice” from where we can activate “Ok Google”.

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