How to Link Disney + with Google Assistant – Discover Voice Commands

Can I link my Disney + account to the Google assistant? How can I link or connect my Disney + account to Google Assistant? What steps do I need to follow to connect the Disney plus service to my Google Assistant?

If you know how Google Assistant works , we bring you good news, now you can connect your Disney + account. In this way you will be able to see the entire catalog offered by this series and movies service by means of voice commands.

In case you don’t know how Google Assistant works, don’t worry. In miracomosehace we bring you a complete guide so you can connect your Disney + account to the Google assistant.

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  1. What is the advantage of syncing your smart devices and your online services?
  2. Disney + configuration to consult the catalog by voice commands
  3. Steps to link Disney + to the Google Assistant
  4. Learn how to search for titles by voice
  5. Disney + and its compatibility on Smart TV and smart devices
  6. Google Home: The window to multi-app voice controls
    1. Applications compatible with Google Assistant
    2. Google Assistant tools

What is the advantage of syncing your smart devices and your online services?

The great advantage of linking smart devices with services is the ability to share data between devices. For example, you can have email open on multiple devices at the same time. So you can read information or send emails both from the phone and from the computer.

Similarly, by synchronizing devices, you can share images, photos or videos from a phone to the TV. In this way, you can see the files that you have stored on your cell phone from the big screen of the TV.

This process also occurs with online streaming services. You can link your Disney + account through Google assistant and thus share the movies or series from the phone to the smart TV. Similarly, by having smart devices linked to services, you can have more control over them.

Disney + configuration to consult the catalog by voice commands

The service of linking the Disney + platform to the Google Assistant is relatively new . Consequently, the accessibility and operation of this streaming service can be controlled by voice. This action can be performed from any smart device including televisions

Linking or connecting your Disney + account with the Google Assistant, Google Assistant, has many benefits. Among them is to see Disney plus on your Android or iOS mobile through a voice command.

In addition, completing the connection process is extremely simple. To link your Disney + account, you only need to install and configure the Google Assistant in Spanish. If you have knowledge of English, it will not be necessary to change the language of the assistant.

Thanks to the fact that you can link or connect your Disney plus account with the Google assistant, you will be able to control the playback. You can tell the assistant to turn up the volume, pause, fast forward, rewind or change it.

Disney plus is a streaming television service that has charged a significant out since its launch. Being able to connect it to the Google assistant will allow you to watch any series or movie in a comfortable and simple way. This way you can forget about controls forever.

Steps to link Disney + to the Google Assistant

Linking your Disney Plus account to the Google Assistant, famously known as Google Assistant, is extremely simple. In this way, you can easily access Disney plus through voice commands.

To link your Disney + account to your google smart speaker and Google Assistant support you must enter the Google home application , or Google Home. You must do this from your mobile device.

Then on your home screen you must touch on your photo or profile icon, in this way you will be able to access your profile and start configuring the assistant.

Once inside your profile, you must select the option “Assistant settings” or “Assistant settings”. A series of services will appear on the screen.

You must click on “Video and Images” and you will be able to see a series of options such as Netflix or Youtube Kids. In the service options you just have to click on Disney plus and then on “link Disney +”.

Finally, you will be redirected to the main page of Disney + and you will only have to log in with your user data.

In case the option to link Disney + does not appear but there are other video service options, do not worry. You just have to wait a few hours until the option is available in your region.

Learn how to search for titles by voice

The easiest way to find the titles or movies you want to see on Disney + is to use voice commands. Now that you have linked your Google Assistant account with the Disney + service, to get the most out of it you can use various commands. Commands consist of commands you give the Google Assistant to do.

The command should start with ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’, followed by a prompt or command for Google to perform. Some of the most used commands are:

  • Hey Google / Ok Google, see series / film / documentary, on mobile device / TV / computer / Tablet.
  • Hey Google / Ok Google, watch series / film / documentary, on your mobile device in exactly one hour.
  • Hey Google / Ok Google, put subtitles in (language) to the series / film / documentary that is currently playing.
  • Hey Google / Okay Google, log into my children’s account and put series / film / documentary on the mobile device.

This way you can say ok Google, watch The Little Mermaid on the phone and the movie automatically plays on the phone. In the same way you can use these commands for series and other devices. So you could say from your phone, Ok Google, watch Clone wars on the television and the television access the Disney + account and you will be watching this Star Wars story.

Disney + and its compatibility on Smart TV and smart devices

There are a large number of smart devices that are compatible with the Disney + platform, including many Smart TVs. Among the main smart TVs that can be linked to this streaming service, the LG Smart TV from generation 2016 onwards stands out.

Another TV compatible with the platform is the Samsung Tizen Smart from generation 2016 upwards, except for screens that have OS Orsay as the operating system. In the same way, Android tvs are compatible and can be linked to Disney + except for televisions lower than the Lollipop 5.0 model.

Lastly, TVs that are created by the Roku company can be linked with this platform. Therefore most Roku TVs are compatible, except for very old ones like the Roku LT.

On the other hand, other smart devices are also compatible with Diney +. These devices can be Android phones higher than Lallipop 5.0 and of the IOS brand, all cell phones that count are OS greater than 12.0. For iPod or iPad there is only compatibility with the Disney + application, not with browsers.
Other devices can be computers, both laptops and desktops, tablets and even smart refrigerators.

Google Home: The window to multi-app voice controls

The Google Home application is a tool created to make settings and control things through the speakers of the devices. This app works with the Google Assistant, a tool with which people interact to carry out their commands.

This app controls other devices as it serves as a remote control from the phone. You can also control the lights of a smart home, cameras, sound devices and much more.

Applications compatible with Google Assistant

There are a large number of applications that are compatible with the Google Assistant, in fact the number is increasing every day. Among those that best have functionality through the voice controller, are the most popular applications such as YouTube, Google Play Music or Spotify.

In the same way, Streaming services are compatible with this assistant. Among them are Netflix, HBO, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video. Other important apps for the Google Assistant are Google Home, IFTTT, Maps, Lifx, Google Translate, Calendar, Time Meter, and Clock.

Google Assistant tools

The tools or possibilities that the Google Assistant offers you are endless. Since Google always works to improve its assistant and offer more services through it. One of these tools is that you can start the day with an informative summary of the weather, events of the day and other things just by saying Ok Google, good morning.

In the same way, you can make this assistant put music to be played from YouTube or Spotify and even sing songs. It also has functions to recognize the voice of anyone, another to call you by a different name or change the temperature measurement.

Finally, other important tools such as a precise translation of the word you require can be mentioned . As well as the definition of a word if it is what you need. Similarly, you can find locations and sites of public interest such as parks, restaurants, museums, schools or stadiums on the maps.


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