How To Activate Secret Menu options In Samsung Galaxy Gallery

The photo gallery included in all Samsung Galaxy has hidden functions that can be activated as an experiment. With them, you can add menus to the image viewer, activate an enhanced video player, and even remove options that may not be needed. These hidden functions are very easy to reveal, we will show you how.

All phones have experimental functions hidden behind a ‘wall’ that makes access difficult for those who do not know how to use these functions. This is the case of development options on Android devices, for example; The same happens in apps like the Google Play store or the hidden development menu in the Chrome browser . Even Samsung hides a menu in its gallery app: with it it is possible to further customize the image and video viewer.

How To Activate Secret Menu options In Samsung Galaxy Gallery

Newly activated experimental options

The experimental options in the Samsung Galaxy gallery are suitable for the different versions of One UI: from 2.1 to 3.0 ; apart from that the hidden menu also offers global options that are not directed to a specific version of the layer. It’s an extensive set of options that greatly enable gallery customization, all at the cost of some risk to app stability. Not in vain are they experimental options.


‘Gallery Dates’ is an app to fix the order of photos if they have gotten out of order after moving them from a folder

As SamMobile discovered , Samsung hides its ‘Gallery labs’ section behind an activation that is quite well known: repeatedly clicking on the version number of the gallery . It is a simple process that is carried out as follows:

  • Open the gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Click on the three-line menu (bottom right) and choose ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to ‘About Gallery’.
  • Click repeatedly on the version number (above, under ‘Gallery’) until the ‘Gallery labs’ menu is revealed.
  • Go back and you will see that the new menu appears under the ‘Labs’ section.

Experimental options currently hidden in gallery

The hidden settings menu offers various customization options for the gallery. With it you can activate and deactivate functions related to One UI, as well as other more generic ones. It is possible to alter the behavior of the content viewer, add filtering capabilities for images , decide whether to show all Exif data in image details, and many more changes that Samsung tests internally on the way to bringing them to stable versions. from the gallery.

As usual in experimental menus, it is advisable to play as little as possible if you are not sure which function is being alternated. Even so, using the experimental menu is not too risky: the options do not alter the photos and videos saved, but the way they are viewed and arranged.

If you are curious to see what options are available and what each one is for , we have prepared this article where we show you what each one does – or what it promises to do. Remember that you must restart Samsung Gallery to see the changes after making any changes.


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