How to hide media files from my Samsung gallery

It is very common for each person to have a large amount or little of private content in our gallery , be it family or personal things, so if someone asks us to borrow our mobile device, we will go through a moment of tension while they hold our mobile.

It is important to know that there are several ways to hide our content in the gallery or simply hiding the gallery completely and it is much easier to do it in the Samsung model, since these types of devices have demonstrated their ability to adapt to any type of user .

With a device of this model you have the freedom to update your system easily , in addition to solving infinite problems such as the blurred Samsung camera , since precisely this brand gives up any kind of freedom .

For users with more knowledge, it is very easy to solve the common problems of the “A” series in Samsung, that is, as the problem that causes our Samsung Galaxy to become very hot , but do not worry as we mentioned, you have the freedom to perform all kinds of solution.

As is the case of hiding the photos or images from the gallery and camera on the cell phones of these models, here in discover how to do it we will show you the easy and simplest ways to learn these tricks.


  • How to hide media files from my Samsung gallery without apps
  • How to hide gallery or media files with applications

How to hide media files from my Samsung gallery without apps

This trick is a bit practical since for this you must compress your multimedia files in the gallery , by doing this you will have at your disposal everything that you save in the compressed file without being observed in the gallery.

How is this possible? Although it is mentioned without applications you need one, but on Android devices you already have a file compresser, otherwise you just have to go to the latest version of the Play Store and download one we recommend “RAR”.

Once downloaded, open the application and it will look for the multimedia files you want, they can be photos, images or videos, browse your personal folders to select them then leave it pressed and the APP will show a window with the option ” Add To File “.

Then you can customize your compressed multimedia content file , assigning a name to your liking, press accept and that’s it, you will have your camera photos or images from the gallery hidden, if you remain in the gallery you can still erase them all without problems.

Since you can extract them again from your compressed file with RAR as many times as you want for viewing and you can also save files in the cloud more quickly since when compressing they reduce the weight.

How to hide gallery or media files with applications

There are a wide variety of applications that are responsible for hiding the content of our gallery in one way or another, we have selected the best of the moment for you according to the opinions of the users, amount of valuation, popular vote and number of downloads .

Gallery- Hide Photos and videos, XGallery: This is a very simple application that is responsible for editing, managing and hiding photos and videos, its most important function from which we will benefit is its ability to create folders, that is, within the gallery you can create folders and customize them completely.

So to hide our content it is only a matter of moving your files to a created folder and then you can proceed to put a password on it. This is the safest way to keep your multimedia files in total privacy.

Calculator – Photo Vault hide photos and videos: Wonderful applications with which you can Lock application folders and sub folders, that same you can create a folder with your multimedia files and put a password on it.

Then you enter that folder and create another folder to which you can also assign a different password and also another great attribute of this application is that you can hide the icon to prevent someone from finding the protected folders.

Also, if your device has a Root user, you can hide pre-installed applications on your Samsung. For example, the default gallery, completely effective and powerful, this application and rated with the best comments and a 4.8 star rating is all you are looking for in a single APP. Successes!

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