How to disable YouTube notifications on an Android mobile

YouTube is a social network that you can download and install through Google Play dedicated to dispersing and sharing videos that people from all over the world can find on this website. It displays a variety of movie shorts or clips, videos uploaded by its own users, and a large number of music videos.

People upload a very large number of daily videos to this network, because in this community we can find people who upload videos to this network as a job. These people who make this entertainment material for this great platform are known as youtubers. YouTube communities are also created to interact with other users.

But what we come to see today is how we can disable or block YouTube notifications , both on its other streaming site web and a mobile application. This is something very different, for one of the parties we will see how to disable web notifications completely in its entire interface.

I will start by explaining step by step and carefully how we can make this configuration on the YouTube page that most of us will do through the profile photo of your YouTube channel , I will use the Chrome browser as your reference for being the most used browser.

I will also tell you the steps for you to do it in the YouTube application made for Android devices, discover how to do it.


  • How can I disable YouTube notifications
  • How to disable YouTube notifications on an Android mobile
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How can I disable YouTube notifications

In order to disable YouTube notifications on my Android mobile or cell phone, you must enter YouTube, and look for your photo or profile image in the upper corner of the right side of your screen. After that a window will open with some settings and options for your account, there you will have to search and press the bar that says settings or configurations.

After having entered, you must look for the bar that says “notifications”, this will take you to its settings so that we can deactivate notifications . Inside there will be what is necessary to be able to do this configuration.

Look for the section that says ” Subscriptions ” there will be the option so that you will not be notified of the movement of the channels that you follow on this website. You can also disable the options you want in order to use YouTube at your convenience.

How to disable YouTube notifications on an Android mobile

In order for us to do this YouTube process on my Android mobile or cell phone, you will have to enter the app and find your profile photo icon and press it.

When doing so, a screen should appear where you will see numerous options to choose from related to your account settings. Among these you should look for the option that says ” configuration “.

After having entered, you have to search and click on the ” Notifications ” option that will appear on this screen. With this, you will be able to configure all the ones that reach your mobile and the service in general.

Once inside the “Notifications” settings, what remains to be done is very simple. It only remains to disable each of the types of notifications that you do not want to see. There is a simple option that lets you disable all YouTube notifications.

How to block YouTube mobile notifications

To do what you want you need to go to the settings of your mobile. Once you are in the settings you must press where it says “notifications”. In case it doesn’t say the same, you should look for something that refers to notifications.

Once you enter this window, you have to look for the option that says ” notification settings “, this should appear inside. Once you are in this section of the notification settings, you will have to find and click on the option that says “ YouTube ”.

If you make the decision to deactivate them all at once, you avoid a long work having to deactivate them one by one. In addition to this, you can also click on the bar that says YouTube, this will take you to a screen where you must manage them. With this you can deactivate each of the types of notifications.


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