How to activate and deactivate the step counter on a Huawei

Our Huawei and Honor smartphones incorporate a pedometer (step counter) in their newer smartphones. Today we are going to see how we can activate and visualize this function or , on the contrary, deactivate it completely.

The smartphone has become one more tool to know how and how much we move in our day to day. With the number of steps we can measure the activity we have carried out and have a more or less detailed follow-up.

Make it appear or disappear from the lock screen

By default, the steps are shown on the lock screen of our Huawei and Honor smartphone. If we want to remove it from the middle we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We go to the application “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • Click on the option “Main screen and wallpaper” .
  • In the last option we have “Show step count” .
  • If we have this function activated, it will show us, on the lock screen, the steps we have done during the day and it will delete the number if we deactivate it.

This is a small patch so as not to see it, but if what we want is to eliminate the smartphone from acting as a pedometer, we will have to be more expeditious. We explain it in the next section.

How to root out the step counter

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, we are going to see the steps we have to follow so that the smartphone stops collecting this information.

  • We locate the Health application among our installed applications.
  • We press our finger on it.
  • With a brief vibration, the smartphone will notify us that a small menu has been displayed . In it we see the Uninstall button.
  • We click on “Uninstall” , we accept the warning and the application will be eliminated from our device forever (or until we want it to measure the steps again).

In earlier versions (a few years ago) of EMUI, the user was allowed to disable the built-in pedometer. With the latest updates it seems that this option has been removed so the only way to completely disable the steps is by removing the Huawei Health application .


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