All about incognito mode

Incognito mode is one of the modes that we use the least in our browser, but… do you really know everything that this mode includes that you can see in Chrome and other browsers, as well as in other applications?

Incognito mode is the version of our browser to which more rumors are related simply because it was implemented later and has some peculiarity, such as not storing certain information, which in many cases is greater than we think. To clear all your doubts, we will tell you all about incognito mode.

What is incognito mode?

Let’s start in parts, incognito mode is a version that can be found in different applications, such as the main browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge …

In this mode, no data from the web pages visited is stored and it is usually used by users to be able to view webs and not leave a trace in the browsing history, so that no one will be able to know which sites you have been able to visit.

Incognito mode is usually found in programs or applications which we have to download and not on a web page, since all the data collected is viewed through the browser.

Google Maps already has incognito mode

Incognito mode and standard version: differences

The differences between both modes, as we have advanced at the beginning, are directly related to the information that is stored in our browser , although they are not the only ones:

  • Visual aspect: the first and most visual aspect is that the interface of our browser, at the beginning of the session, is darkened.
  • History: the history does not exist in incognito mode, since, if we decide to visit a page in incognito mode and then return to the normal version, we will see that it is not contemplated. In any case, in the normal browser mode it is possible to delete the history .
  • Cookies: cookies are small files that are downloaded in the background and which are stored on our device. In incognito mode, cookies will be downloaded as usual so that our experience on the different web pages is identical to the usual one, but when the browser is closed it will automatically delete them, unlike the normal mode in which we will have to delete cookies by hand .
  • Information entered by the user: the data entered in web pages or forms will not be saved since it is a version of our computer that “leaves no trace” on our device, although we will see that it is not entirely so.

Who can know the information that I consult in incognito mode?

Although the different websites that we visit do not appear in the history nor do cookies be saved to later show advertising based on the previous search, the information is not contemplated on our device, but our visit to a web page or a video of YouTube since the latter also has this mode.

Our company and the provider of our Internet services such as Orange, Vodafone, Movistar or others do have access to all this information as well as our IP address, but not only when we are in this mode, but in any circumstance . In addition, our operator can also know all the connected devices that we have in our router.

We must be calm since, thanks to the privacy policies, our company will never tell us or ask us for explanations about the pages we visit, but this is a national security method, unless we access illegal web pages that where content harmful to society is displayed.

How to open a tab in incognito mode

To activate the incognito mode in most browsers we must scroll to the upper right part where an icon in the form of different points is usually found.

  • Click on the option that shows “New incognito tab” or similar.
  • Next, we will be shown a message showing the different characteristics in this way accompanied by a darker interface.

To exit incognito mode, we must simply close the tab in the upper right. The steps to follow are very simple, and they are very similar on both Android and iOS.

How to activate incognito mode on YouTube

Incognito mode began in browsers, but little by little it has been spreading to other platforms, most of Google, so that users have more options, such as YouTube or Google Maps.

It should be noted that this function is exclusively found in the YouTube applications of Android and iOS, since on the computer we can activate the incognito mode directly from our browser as we have shown previously. In order to activate this mode we must access YouTube through the mobile application:

  • Next, we must click on the upper right part where our profile is shown if we have logged in.
  • Click on the option “Activate incognito mode”.
  • Afterwards, the different notices will appear showing us that this mode leaves its mark.
  • To deactivate it, all you have to do is press the upper right part again, in this case the incognito mode symbol will appear and some options will be shown at the bottom. We will click on “Deactivate incognito mode” and it will be enough.

Incognito mode trivia

Like any unknown or little-used mode, it is possible that it has some curiosities or details that can be very useful precisely when using it.

  • Bookmarks always available: bookmarks or favorites are usually located either in the right part of the browser or in the upper center. And it may have crossed your mind that these are not available in incognito mode, but they are.
  • Forms, yes or no ?: we have already seen that as with the content that we enter in the different websites, it will not be stored, as with the forms that if we have them stored in the standard version, these can be completed in one identical shape to the classic version. This will not happen if we fill in a form in incognito mode as it will not be saved.
  • Downloads and Extensions: in this mode, as in standard mode, we can download files and make use of the extensions, although to make use of these extensions we must activate them from the configuration section because they are activated manually.

Is dark mode the same as incognito mode?

It is true that, in most browsers and platforms, when using incognito mode, the interface is obscured but incognito mode is not the same as dark mode .

Dark mode is a fully visual interface that is increasingly expanding to more applications and social networks, but it has no other function than aesthetics.

Now, the incognito mode, as we can see, in addition to having an interface somewhat different from the classic version to be able to differentiate itself, has many more functions.

How to know if I am in incognito mode

It is very easy to know in which navigation mode we are , since it is not only because of the obscured interface, which is the most visual part at first glance, but in each browser tab that we open it will appear that we are in incognito mode.

Another way to know if we are in incognito mode or not is to look at the icon that appears either on the home screen or, in the case of YouTube, in the upper right.

Undoubtedly, incognito mode is a very interesting mode due to all the functions it has and it is one of the most unknown functions found in the vast majority of our devices.


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