How to put the weather widget

Checking the time, in general, is an action that most of us do. Today we will show you how you can put a weather widget so you don’t even have to open the corresponding application.

You may not know for sure what a widget is, well, they are utilities that show us information on the home screen without having to open the main application on which they depend.

Not all apps have widgets, but most do. Although we are using a third-party weather application, that is, it did not come standard with our mobile or tablet, there is no need to worry, since it almost certainly brings a widget.

If you have not yet decided which application to use, take a look at the compilation of the best apps of the time that we can download.

How to access widgets on Android

  • To access the widgets on Android, we must press and hold on the home screen of our device , in an area not occupied by apps.
  • Then, at the bottom of the screen, we will be shown different options, we will have to click on the one that says “Widgets” .
  • Then a menu will appear at the bottom on which we will have to scroll (depending on the mobile model) down or sideways.
  • We will look for a widget that shows the weather , since a brief explanation and the space it occupies appears below each widget.
  • Once we have found the one we were looking for, we will keep our finger on the icon and we will drag it to the part of the screen that we want.
  • We will establish our location if it is not already shown automatically, and we will be able to check the weather at a glance, without having to open the corresponding app.
  • To remove it, just click and hold on the widget. We will get a “Delete” button or we will have to move it to where it says “Delete”.

Almost all apps have their own widgets , so depending on the apps we have, more or fewer widgets will appear.

It is possible that, if we have downloaded an app that is only a widget, it only appears in this section and does not add an icon as an app.

Activate the weather widget on iOS

iOS has a home screen where all the applications that the user will be able to use appear and it is only possible to include widgets on a specific screen on the left.

To put a weather widget on iOS we must follow the following steps:

  • Swipe the home screen, where all the apps are, to the left. Now go down and click on “Edit” . Find the “Weather” widget and click the “+ ” icon to add it to the list.
  • Finally, click on “Ok” to save the changes and you will now be able to see the weather widget every time you slide the screen to the left, with information on the temperature, sky status icon, probability of rain, etc.

The process on both platforms is simple , but we must bear in mind that, as with iOS, the widgets do not always have to be found on the main screen, but on many occasions they are in a menu on the left side.

There are many more applications that have widgets, not only those of the weather , so they are interesting to avoid having to open the app and consult the information at a glance and quickly through the widget.

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