How Does Slack Work?

If you have been invited to this application or are looking for a solution to connect with your work team, surely you are interested in knowing what Slack is , how it works, how you can download it, how much it costs and what you can do with it, as well as other useful information for get the most out of it and improve communication with other people by taking advantage of the potential of this tool.

Slack is a messaging app with which you can connect with information, connect with other people and send group messages, designed for better team management. It is the ideal tool for you to work with other people or meet with partners, clients, investors and other people as if you were in the same place, eliminating the limitations of space and time, allowing access to the most relevant information in a way simple and effective.

You can send messages to anyone inside or outside the organization and collaborate as if you were in the same place. There are specific spaces to work, called channels, where people and the right information come together in an organized and safe way. Thus, you will be able to access the information when it interests you, participating as you would in person without having to organize agendas or meet.

All people can access the same shared information and can be searched . The entire team will access the information at the same time by consulting the channels, so it will be easier to make quick and relevant decisions.

How Does Slack Work?

After installing the Slack app, you must log into your workspace. If you don’t have it, you will have to join an existing one or create your own. But, first of all, you must complete your profile so that other people know who you are. You just have to choose the default profile photo from your computer, which is in the upper right. If you click on Profile and Edit Profile , you can indicate your name, how you want to be called, what you do, phone, time zone and photo. If you work with many people or you are from different countries, setting the time zone is interesting to know when the other person may be available or it is a good time for communication.

On the same site , instead of your profile, you can update your status, pause or manage notifications, set your preferences, view your downloads, or disconnect from the Slack group you’re in.

Send private messages and channels

To send messages to other people , you will find that in the upper left there is an icon to send the message. There you will see a new screen in which you must indicate who you are sending the message to and write it. If you stand on top of the Para you will find the people and channels to which you can send messages, or you have the possibility to write directly with whom you want to speak. You just have to write the message and send it. The open private will also appear on the screen on the left side, below where it puts direct messages, under the channels of the group in which you are. Thus, you can access it more quickly whenever you want.

To communicate with all the people in the group, you will have to go to the corresponding channel and send the message. In the channel itself you will see how you can send the message with text, mentions, emojis, attachments and you can even access shortcuts (the symbol on the left, below the message, like a storm arrow).

Create your own channel

Whether you don’t have a workspace or want to create one, you need to sign in (or sign up for) Slack with your account. If it is the first time you enter and it is not by invitation, you can create a workspace. To do this, you must go to page Prime r os steps and identify yourself . They will guide you through the entire process, starting with the name of your new team.

Later you will have to indicate what you are working on right now (event, project, campaign or whatever you want), and later you will have to enter the emails of the people with whom you want to communicate and give Invite your teammates. You can also skip that step. Once you have done this, your new group will start.

You can open it from the computer app or in the browser. An informational message will appear. You have to open Slack. Once you have accessed your new group, you will see that you have added a channel. You can write on it whenever you want. You have the option to add more if you wish on the right side, where it says Channels , Add Cañales. You can add new channels or explore the channel list.

If you have not added people to your group or you want to add more, where you put the name of your work team (in the upper left part) you can give it and you will find the option to invite other members, as well as create a channel, preferences, settings and administration, tools and disconnect. As you can see, you have a large number of configuration possibilities to adapt it to your preferences or interests.


There are 4 pricing plans , from the free version for newcomers to the platform or companies that don’t need more, to more advanced ones for different types of companies. If you wish, you can switch to the free plan at any time or increase it according to your needs, since the billing adapts to these changes.

The prices of the service are:

  • Gratuitous. You will have access to the 10,000 most recent messages from the team, 10 integrations with other applications and voice and video calls individually or with teammates.
  • Pro. The fee for this plan is 6.25 euros per active user per month (annual payment). It includes everything that the free version offers, plus all your message history, access to all actions and information in one place with unlimited integrations, secure collaboration with external organizations and guests, and group calls with up to 15 people.
  • Business +. You have it for 11.75 euros per monthly active user (annual payment). It has the above, in addition to many other functionalities such as advanced identity management, teamwork and assistance at any time and export of message data complying with the regulatory requirements that apply to your company.
  • Enterprise Grid. With a variable and tailored rate , it is necessary to contact the sales department. For those who need more, designed for the most demanding companies looking for the necessary flexibility and great power for maximum step-by-step performance.

It also has discounts for non-profit organizations and in the field of education. For non-profit organizations , it has a free level upgrade to the Pro Plan to spaces with a maximum of 250 members and an 85% discount for those who exceed this figure, and in the Business + Plan they provide an 85% discount regardless the size of the work team. The education program offers an 85% discount on the Pro and Business + payment plans.

You can pay for any of the Slack plans with your credit card. If you are going to use the free one, you will not need to enter any payment information.

Download apps

You can use it in the browser, although it is best that you take advantage of the ease and agility of the applications. Thus, you can download your app for Windows, Mac or mobile devices. Where you connect from depends on you, if you want to do it from your own computer while doing other things or if you prefer the mobility of mobile devices, or depending on your needs at all times. The choice is yours.

On windows

If you want to download it in Windows you just have to go to Downloads and click Download . Once the download is complete, you need to double click on the file called SlackSetup.exe and it will start automatically after installation.

You can also search for it in the Microsoft Store . Once you find Slack there, hit Get the app . Once installed, you just have to give the app in the start menu to open it.

On Mac

On Mac you can do the same process of downloading it from the website itself . You can also search for the application in the App Store and click Install. To start it, open the Finder window and choose the folder in the sidebar. Find the icon and double-click on it.

You should know that this application is compatible with macOS 10.11 or newer versions, so if you use macOS 10.10 or an earlier version and you have realized that it does not work, you will have to update the operating system if you want it to go.

On Android and iOS

If you search for Slack in your app store, you will come across the app. You just have to click Install and wait for the download to complete before you can start using it. You can also download it in this shortcut. Requires Android 8.0 and later versions.



Developer: Slack Technologies Inc.

You can also download this communication and team collaboration app on your iOS mobile device, to increase productivity at work in small, medium and large companies. Requires iOS 13.3 or later.



Developer: Slack Technologies, Inc.

Connected tools

There are different tools that you can connect to Slack to facilitate your communication and daily work. The categories of these tools can be Customer Care, Design, Developer Tools, File Management, Health & Wellness, HR. H H. and team culture, marketing, office management, finance, productivity, project management, sales, safety and compliance, social media and entertainment, travel, voice and video, and media and news.

There are hundreds of apps to choose from to connect to Slack with external tools like GitHub, Google Drive, Zendesk, and more, or with your own integrations that you can create with the service’s API. Among the applications that you can use and that are in its directory you can find Dropbox, Giphy, OneDrive, Zoom, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Twitter, Trello and many others. Find out more here.

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