How to create workspace in Slack

Slack makes it easy and efficient to customize your workspace. It is important when having applications on the computer, the ability to customize the space as the user wishes. Now, it’s important to remember that there are apps that offer a lot of customization options, like Slack . In this guide we will show you how to customize your workspace in Slack, the easy way.

This is an extremely important task , because when it comes to work, the more specialized the work area, the greater the efficiency and effectiveness of the work will be. As a result, companies can prosper much more despite having the same number of employees.

It is important that you know that when people can improve their work areas , and thus organize their spaces in a more effective way, they can perform tasks in the best way, effectively and lowering the cost of opportunity and work.

Over the years, we have tried to configure instant messaging applications to our work environments. With the creation of social media, this seemed closer than ever. However, with the misappropriation that can be given to social networks, it is important to have an extra option, which only focuses on work environments.

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  1. How to create workspace in Slack
  2. Customize your space in Slack
  3. What can I configure in Slack?
    1. Change background
    2. How to upload a Slack icon
    3. Customize status suggestions
    4. Create channel prefixes
    5. Customize member profiles
    6. Add guidelines for Slack names
    7. Manage emoji reactions

How to create workspace in Slack

The Slack platform or tool serves as a messenger that focuses on creating channels to interact with. These channels are what are known as workspaces, and it is here where you can do work together with other people. In the same way, there may be connection of tools and even services of some software.

The bottom line is that if you’re going to create a workspace in Slack, you must use company-owned email . To start creating a site in Slack and customizing the workspace, you must go to the section that says create new.

There you enter the email that is going to be used and then press continue. Then you have to choose whether to continue the operation with Google or through Apple. The confirmation will have been sent by means of a code to the email, which you must enter to continue. By doing so, the create workspace bar is enabled and it is created very easily.

Customize your space in Slack

When you use Slack you must customize the workspace so that you feel comfortable when using it . In this way you can work in a more enjoyable way and add things to the channel where you do your work.

In this way, you can make background changes on the channel screen or add icons and emojis. You can also add status suggestions or create prefixes to display in the workspace.

Thanks to the people who have specialized in creating applications that help improve work relationships, we can count on a large number of customization options which are all free, and whose availability also makes it easier for all users to specialize in your area.

One of the ways by which you can customize your space is to decide where you will download the App. Therefore, it is important for users to be clear about where they can download Slack for Free , either on Windows or on Mac. Slack also allows you to connect and manage interlocking accounts.

It is important that you know that Slack is a program in which you can create an account for free, and any type of service offered by the company that created it is free, although the Enterprise Grid packages are also offered , which works as a premium package. However, if you still have doubts, you can learn how Slack works to find out its advantages and disadvantages.

What can I configure in Slack?

These are very varied options, so we recommend that you sit down, look for a pencil and a paper, and take note, because below we will make a list of most of the functionalities whose parameters can be configured by the user.

You can change the URL of your space, this refers to the web address that members use to access the page. you can change the name of the space. You can do both in Enterprise Grid.

Change background

You have to click on the photo that you have as a background and then go into preferences. After that you can search for themes that are in default mode or you can upload a photo to serve as a background. After that, you cut the one you have selected and at the end of saving is where you must mark.

How to upload a Slack icon

Icons are the workspace creator’s way of allowing followers to identify them . To upload an icon to Slack and customize the workspace with it, you are going to enter the name of the channel. After that, you must open the administration area and this will take you to find the customize bar.

Then there you must click on the workspace icon part and choose which file you will use and then upload it. Then you can crop the icon and to ensure the changes you must click crop and save.

Upload an icon to Slack. This can help you identify your Enterprise Grid organization or workspace . Also, each user can have a unique profile photo, which they can choose from several presets that come in the application or upload a local file from their computer.

Customize status suggestions

To create the eye-catching status suggestions in Slack, you must first choose an emoji that can correctly convey the mood. The use of acronyms should also be avoided since not all people could grasp their meaning. Another thing you should know is at what time or time to put the deletion of the states, this to make sure that all the people and members of the channel see what was published.

To configure and customize this section, you must go to where the name of the workspace is. Next, in the menu that you will immediately see, we are going to enter the settings and administration part. Later you have to enter customize and modify or change the status suggestions that were posted.

Create channel prefixes

Prefixes are used in channels to maintain a certain order and organization of the workspace. You must create them in a very good way and be sure that these prefixes are the ones you want to use since you cannot make changes to them later.

In the channels that use the basic and free plans, you can only use 6 prefixes. While in other plans if there are more options. To create the prefixes as in the previous procedures, you have to enter the name of the channel. There you will find the settings and in the customizing part you will select channel prefixes.

Adding prefixes is the next option that you must open and that is where you are going to write the desired prefixes. In the same way, you have to write a short description and finally you have to click on the button that says save to confirm what has been done.

Customize member profiles

The profiles were created primarily to keep group members organized, know their name, work hours or position. When customizing the profiles, you can access to know more about the participant, such as their date of birth, start date, location or social profiles. to be able to customize the profiles you must be in the desktop application. 

The members are the people who help the creator to do the work that needs to be done. They are the ones who post and share relevant information so that other people can see it. Members do personalization by creating custom profile fields.

Create a link to a member’s profile. The direct links of a profile are a very good option when you want to share a profile quickly and easily, for example, today we see how people use direct links to open conversations on WhatsApp. To do this, we recommend that you know how to send direct links, so that your co-workers can find you more easily.

Again, you must enter the name of the channel and then open the administration bars and customize. In this you will find the bar that says profile and then click on edit the profile fields of your workspace. In this part you have to click customize profile.

Next, you have to make a work field and specify all the things in the fields in the boxes that appear. Finally, you have to click on create so that everything is well done and saved.

Add guidelines for Slack names

These directives or mandates are made so that individuals or members do not name obscenity . In the same way, they are done so that people do not disrespect each other through insults or nicknames.

Again you must go to the section of the channel name because that is where all the settings are made. There we will enter administration and then the button that marks the configuration of the workspace. Here you will enter guidelines on names and then expand.

Finally, we enter personalized guidelines, which is the section where all the mandates or guidelines will be written. After that, you are given to save and no one can use strange or obscene names.

Manage emoji reactions

Reactions with emojis work as in any social network, since any comment is marked with emojis. But in Slack channels you can customize this workspace to limit which emojis users use.

You have to go to the top where you mark the name given to the channel, then in settings and then in configuration. Then you look for the emoji part and the one-click reactions option will appear where you are going to modify the emojis.

Adding emojis in the workspace is something very characteristic, since emojis are part of a conversation. This way it doesn’t get boring and they decorate the chat. You can add the emoji of your choice or a pack of custom emojis. Emojis can only be added from the desktop app, and on some supported Android phones.

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