How do I know if someone else has entered my Instagram account?

Instagram offers its users multiple benefits, which make its users feel comfortable with the platform and create a wide loyalty to it . Because this social network is very popular, many accounts or profiles, many people outside the account mock their security. There are several security parameters and methods to verify if the security of your account has been compromised.

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  1. What are the security parameters that Instagram offers its users?
    1. Two-step verification
  2. How to check if someone is using your Instagram account?
    1. Login history
  3. What to do if someone else entered your Instagram account?
    1. Change Instagram password
  4. How to activate the login alerts for your Instagram account?

What are the security parameters that Instagram offers its users?

Instagram has multiple security parameters, so that its users can safely explore and use the social network, without any inconvenience or mishap. Mainly, Instagram offers its users the possibility of blocking those accounts that generate distrust , which will allow unwanted users to see your content or stalk your account . It also offers you the possibility of placing your profile in private, in this way only the people you authorize will have access to your profile, so you can avoid cases of cyberbullying.

In the same way, Instagram asks you to enter an access password to access your account, and the possibility of changing this password when you feel that it has been violated or hacked , you can choose the password that seems best to you for your greater security.

Two-step verification

This is an option, which gives you the possibility of increasing the security of your account much more, in addition to the access password. This function consists of requesting an access code that will arrive by text message “SMS” this when you start a section on an unknown device to the account.

Using this option, you can have greater security, since if the person who wishes to enter your account without permission, they must have in their possession your cell phone or the SIM CARD that has the phone number you have registered.

How to check if someone is using your Instagram account?

For some time, the social network Instagram has innovated its security system, to provide greater protection to the accounts and data of its users. We must remember that Instagram has a great impact on digital commerce, many companies have accounts in the popular social network, to advertise their products and services, this has committed the platform to make improvements to its security systems , one of those improvements , is the two-step verification, which we mentioned a moment ago.

Login history

This function came together with the two-step verification, which gives Instagram users the possibility of knowing the section starts that have been made, in this section start stories, they will show you the date, location and model of the device with which they have disturbed the security of your account. This gives you the possibility to detect if your Instagram account has been opened on a device that you do not know.

To access this option, it is extremely simple to do. The first thing you should do is locate yourself in your account profile, then click on the options button, which is located in the upper right part of your profile and is identified by three horizontal bars.

When you access there, you will see a series of options to choose from, as the first option are the settings, when you enter the profile settings, a list of profile options will appear, including “security”, there you will find the options for security section start.

In this list of options, you will see an option called “section start activity” in this option, you will see the record of your section starts, these records have the location of the device in which they have opened your account, dates and names of the devices. There you will know if someone has disturbed the security of your account, in addition to knowing on what date or dates said event occurred.

What to do if someone else entered your Instagram account?

When reviewing the section start activity, and not agree with any section start, Instagram offers you the possibility to close the sections of the devices or locations that are not familiar to you. When you choose to close these sections, the sections will automatically expire on the devices you have selected. It should be noted that if the person who has disturbed your account has your access password, it will not be difficult for them to reopen the section again.

Change Instagram password

To prevent devices or people outside of you from accessing your Instagram account again, the best thing you can do is change the access password, this option is recommended by Instagram from the activity option at the beginning of the section.

By closing the sections on all unknown devices and changing the access password, you will prevent your account from being reopened on another device. In addition, if you want to have greater security, you can take the initiative to activate the verification in two steps, this option will further limit the possibility that people you do not want to hack or access your Instagram account.

How to activate the login alerts for your Instagram account?

Instagram offers you the possibility of receiving a notification of the beginning of the section on an unrecognized device, in this way you will prevent other people from wanting to hack your account without you noticing. To activate this option, you just have to go to settings, then access the notifications. While in the notifications, the “push notifications” will appear at the end of that list of options, an option called “From Instagram” will appear.

Accessing there, you will have the notification settings, such as reminders, announcements and comments, requests for help and “unrecognized section starts” by activating this option, Instagram will notify you when your account is opened on an unknown device.

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