How to use masks in Telegram

It has been a long time since the creation of Telegram and as the messaging application has become more popular, the countless options offered by said platform increase. This is what makes Telegram quite attractive for its users, since it gives you the possibility of carrying them on several devices at the same time and the large amount of resources it has to make the chats more entertaining.

On the other hand, stickers have become the boom in instant messaging, being preferred by many users. Manifested stickers are provided from the same messaging platform or created by creative users. Telegram, allows you the possibility to add new packages and use funny graphics such as adapted photos.

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  1. How to put different masks on the same photo on Telegram?
  2. How to save and send a photo with skins on Telegram?
  3. What to do to add more masks or Stickers with animations in Telegram?
  4. What are the other functions that Telegram brings to edit photos or videos?
    1. Create animations and GIFs
    2. Trending stickers tab

How to put different masks on the same photo on Telegram?

Currently, Telegram has become one of the most challenging rivals of WhatsApp, this is due to its incredible arsenal of options, which makes it very attractive for those users with a high sense of humor or who are quite creative.

To do this, it is very simple and fun to do , the first thing you should do is enter the chat of the person to whom you want to send the photo with the mask, then press the option to import photo or if you prefer you can take it in the moment, before pressing the send button, at the bottom of your screen, a series of options will appear.

It should be noted that these options range from the option of cropping the photo, altering the radial or linear exposure, playing a little with the colors and it also gives you the possibility of writing by hand, to be able to add text to your photo. Right there, a “Sticker” icon will appear where you can select and add stickers or masks to your photo.

When adding a mask, it will be applied through the use of facial recognition technologies, which will allow you to add glasses, hats, wigs, among others. You just have to select the mask you want, position it where you like the most and if you want to add another, you just have to give the mask option again and add the second mask and so on.

How to save and send a photo with skins on Telegram?

Very good, after you have added the mask to the photo you want, you just have to press the icon that looks like a “paper plane in the middle of a blue circle” , your image will immediately be sent to the contact you have selected. To save the image, you only have to open the image after having sent it and press the three dots that will appear in the upper right part of your screen, there you press the option to “save in gallery” and immediately, the image will appear in the gallery of your cellphone.

What to do to add more masks or Stickers with animations in Telegram?

To do this, you only have to do a few simple steps, the first thing is to enter a chat you have, you give it in the stickers option, being there, the settings of the stickers will appear in the lower left part . When you enter there, you will get a list of options and you will be able to see the stickers that you have added , choose the option of highlighted stickers and there you will see the different options of stickers add with and without animations, to add them, you just have to click on “add” .

It should be noted that these stickers are only those provided directly by the Telegram platform, if you want to have personalized stickers, photo-based echoes, you must download an application to make and edit said stickers .

What are the other functions that Telegram brings to edit photos or videos?

This platform has been optimized to a point, to allow you to edit and modify videos and photos that you want to send to a chat or group. When you record a video directly from the Telegram platform, before sending it, it will provide you with the different tools for editing said video, you can cut the section you want to send, in addition to being able to add text directly with your finger, you can modify the exposure, the contrast, temperature, sharpness and other multiple modification options, professional editor style.

In the same way, you can modify the size and quality of the video, this is essential when you want to send a video and you are using mobile data, by lowering the video quality a little, you can reduce data consumption. Also, you will be able to cut the size of the video screen.

You can also apply these different modifications to photos, being able to edit the photo, cut it, play with the image filters and add the masks and stickers that you most want.

Create animations and GIFs

With this application, you can forget about using external applications to make an animation or GIF. It turns out that it is a fairly simple process, consisting of a few simple steps to make a GIF to share . The first thing you should do is record a video using the Telegram platform, for this, you only have to enter a chat. Then, you click on send and before the video is sent, you will see the option to remove the sound from the video, immediately, Telegram will convert the video into a GIF, all this automatically.

Trending stickers tab

The new Telegram update offers you the possibility to install them from the tab enabled for them in the profile settings. With this you have at least 200 packs of stickers , as you use them, Telegram will add them to your tray of stickers. 

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