How to save someone else’s WhatsApp statuses on iPhone?

These days, WhatsApp statuses are a quick way to interact and share with friends and family. It is common to find a state that catches our attention and we want to share or store it. Are you interested in knowing how to save someone else’s WhatsApp status on iPhone? . Next, we tell you.

Save someone else’s WhatsApp statuses to iPhone

For this task, devices with an iOS operating system do not have many alternatives, unlike Android devices, which have access to a wide variety of applications that fulfill this function. That is why if you are looking to save someone else’s WhatsApp status on your iPhone, you only have two methods: take a screenshot or record the status in real time .

WhatsApp status capture

Taking a screenshot is generally the most common and easiest way to save images or texts on mobile devices . In the case of WhatsApp statuses, this is a practical method to save the content that we want to republish or simply always have it available in our gallery. To take a screenshot, we just have to press a couple of buttons that vary according to the iPhone that we have at hand.

For iPhone models with Face ID, all you have to do is press the side button and the volume up button for a few seconds at the same time . Then you must release both buttons and you can preview a thumbnail at the bottom of the device. On the other hand, in iPhones with Touch ID, you must press the start button next to the top or side button, depending on the model.

WhatsApp status recording

IPhones with an iOS 11 operating system onwards, such as the iPhone 12 Pro , have access to a native real-time screen recording function . In this way, it is possible to save the WhatsApp statuses of other people who publish audiovisual content. In addition, you can also adapt and edit the video according to your preferences once it is stored in the team gallery.

The first step is to locate the “Control Center” option within the iOS settings menu. By selecting this option you will be able to view the access and control management settings of your iPhone. Then, you must click on the “Customize controls” section and locate the “Screen Recording” option within the displayed list . Finally, include this option by clicking on the add button (+).

Now to save the videos you view in someone else’s WhatsApp status, you just have to slide up the iPhone control panel and press the recording option . Usually this is located in the lower left part of the screen. To end the recording, you just have to click on the red bar that appears at the top of your computer and select “Stop” in the box that appears below.

On the other hand, to save the audio of the video together with the recording, you must press and hold the recording option in the control panel for a few seconds. Then, click on “Activate microphone audio” and the audio recording will start automatically. The stored audio will be the one emitted by the device’s speaker , so you should make sure that the sound is at maximum and try to avoid noisy environments.

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