How to ‘Partition’ Windows 10 Hard Drive?

A partition is a division of the storage space of a hard disk that can be used for several purposes, mostly to store sensitive information that is not shared with the system data when performing some formatting. It can also be used to save another operating system, or backup copies; normally you make a single partition or volume, but you can actually divide into more. However, the most basic ones are divided into four partitions.

The first partition that divides the hard disk to function with the startup and startup of the operating system, the secondary partition serves to store information , and the logical partition is the partition of a secondary partition that is generally used in servers. And a last space called “Unallocated” that refers to the volume that has not yet been designated to any partition.

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  1. What is the complete process to partition your computer’s hard drive?
  2. What should you do to correctly save the configuration of the new partition?
  3. How to modify the partitions made from disk management?
  4. What are the best third-party tools to help you partition a hard drive?
    1. EaseUS Partition Master
    2. Mini Tool Partition Wizard
    3. GParted

What is the complete process to partition your computer’s hard drive?

By creating an information backup partition, we are protecting the data from being infected by the viruses that normally lurk in Windows and that to fix them must be formatted; you will also have everything better organized and classified.

Partitioning a hard drive is not difficult, it is actually a simple method that with a few simple steps you will be ready. Now, you must start by going to the Windows disk manager that you can search in the search engine of the «Start Menu» or in «Control Panel».

Once there, you will see the information about the hard drive, its storage space, its capacity, its use, brand, name, etc. To create a new partition you must choose an existing partition , in case you do not have a “Not assigned” and right click on the partition box.

Now you just have to choose “Reduce Volume” or “New simple volume”; There the window will open where it will indicate the maximum in bytes of space that you can create in the unit, you can leave it like that or reduce the size, then you will have to assign the details as the drive letter, choose the system format or leave the default and you will have a new active partition.

What should you do to correctly save the configuration of the new partition?

When generating or deleting each partition, the configuration is saved in the system automatically , so you only have to perform some action so that the system saves it and remains configured.

How to modify the partitions made from disk management?

Once the new hard disk partition has been created, in the same previous panel called “disk management” you can execute modifications to the active partitions , such as modifying their name, assigned letter and storage space to your preference.

What are the best third-party tools to help you partition a hard drive?

There are alternatives with much more sophisticated and dynamic programs that will allow you to execute hard disk partitions easily and quickly, as well as being free for this type of use.

EaseUS Partition Master

The first application is EaseUS Partition Master,  which is free software that allows you to create, resize, move, join, format and clone partitions in different operating systems. This application also allows you to migrate the data from the Windows system with the configurations to a new hard disk either SSD or HDD and recover partitions lost or deleted by mistake.

Now, to create a new partition you must start by downloading and installing the EaseUS Partition Master program , and once inside go to the main window where the information on your hard drives should appear, then right click on the unallocated storage space and click on «Create».

Set the features needed to create the partition as size, label, drive letter, the file system and select “OK”. And to confirm the creation of a new partition you must select the button «Execute 1 operation» and then «Apply».

Mini Tool Partition Wizard

It is a simple partition manager that will help you to do it more easily and comfortably; In addition to being free, you can manage the partitions of your hard drive to delete them, generate new ones or change the format , but it is only compatible with USB Memory and SSD Disks in FAT32, NTFS and EXT2 / 3/4 formats .

When you download the application and install it, then when you run it, it will automatically find all the information on your computer about the hard drives and storage units that you have connected at the moment. Now, to produce a new partition, look for the “unallocated” space and select “Create” then describe the characteristics and the format it will have.


Finally, for Linux operating systems there is the Gparted program that creates, edits, resizes, deletes and moves hard disk partitions. You must download and install the program on your computer and then run it and go to the upper right corner if you want to make a partition.

There you will select among the detected devices the one you will use; and to create a new partition choose the space “unallocated> new”. Add the size of the new partition by moving the arrows on the white bar, to choose the space before it and the free space after it. Then it assigns whether it is a primary or extended partition, and its format.

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