How do I disable notifications from my Twitter account

Without a doubt, social networks have become the most suitable means to communicate and the social network Twitter is no exception. Therefore, we can be informed of everything that happens. But, if we have many followers, we can be overwhelmed by the large number of notifications that we will receive, so we will teach you how to deactivate Twitter notifications from your mobile .

As we well know, this platform offers us a wide variety of functions that allow us to communicate with our followers very quickly and easily. You can even know who and how many people saw a tweet , a very interesting function. However, there are other functions that instead of helping us may not seem very annoying and one of them is notifications.

Next, we are going to show you a very practical tutorial that will help you not only deactivate Twitter notifications on your mobile . Be this Android or iPhone, it will also help you to receive only the notifications that you want. Let’s see then what steps you must follow to be able to have a break from this popular social network.

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  1. How can I configure the notifications that I want to receive and those that I don’t?
  2. What is the procedure to disable all Twitter notifications?
    1. On Android
    2. On iPhone
  3. How do we modify the push notifications of our Twitter account?
  4. What do I do to disable my Twitter account alerts in my email?

How can I configure the notifications that I want to receive and those that I don’t?

Twitter has many functions that you may not know about and one of them will allow you to receive the notifications that you want. To begin, you need to enter the Twitter application and log in. Remember that this social network allows you to link your account with your Facebook profile , to have a faster login.

Once inside the App you must press the Menu icon to display the options. And in this case you must choose the ‘Settings’ option and choose the account you want to modify . The next step will be to choose the ‘Notifications’ option and you will see that new options are now displayed.

In this window you will have the power to select those notifications that you want or not to receive , among them are the ‘Retweets’. ‘Favorites’, ‘Mentions and Tags’, ‘New Followers’, ‘Tweets’, ‘Twitter Alerts’ and ‘Direct Messages’, etc.

What is the procedure to disable all Twitter notifications?

Notifications can be a resource that we all use to know in real time what is happening in our community. But, sometimes it is necessary to take a break, forget for a moment what is happening and dedicate some time to ourselves. We will then show you what is the procedure to eliminate notifications , depending on the operating system of the mobile device you use:

On Android

In Android devices you must enter the phone settings , then in the window that will show you you must look for the option ‘App’ or ‘Applications’. Now you will see on the screen a list of all the apps installed on your mobile and you must then search for ‘Twitter’. You will be taken to a new window and in it you will scroll down until you find the option ‘Notifications’.

Finally, look for the option ‘Block all’ and slide the switch to the right to activate this function. And in this way you have blocked all the notifications you receive from Twitter. But, you may also be interested in knowing how to close your Twitter session on Android , once the notifications are deactivated, you may want to give yourself a complete break from the application.

On iPhone

If in your case you use an iPhone you are going to perform the following procedure, first enter the smartphone settings. You will now see a list of options and click on ‘Notifications’ , all installed apps will now be displayed immediately. Select Twitter, which will be near the end of it, since they are ordered alphabetically.

Now you will find the option ‘Allow notifications’ that will be obviously activated, to change this parameter, you must slide the button to the left. When you do this, the button will change color indicating that the notifications have been disabled .

How do we modify the push notifications of our Twitter account?

Twitter has now included a new feature that allows you to receive push notifications, at any time regardless of whether you are using your mobile at the moment. You can activate or deactivate these at any time, to modify push notifications you must follow these simple steps:

First, log in to Twitter, to do this, enter your username or email and then your password, then go to the icon of your profile. This will be located at the top of your screen, the next step is to select the option ‘Settings and privacy’.

Now, you must select the option ‘ Notifications’ and then click on ‘Push notifications’ . Then, you simply have to choose those ‘Push notifications’ that you want to receive.

What do I do to disable my Twitter account alerts in my email?

You may also be constantly receiving alerts from your Twitter account in your email . And if this situation is driving you crazy, you should know that it is possible to deactivate these alerts. But, to be able to carry out this operation it is necessary that you enter Twitter from its web version and log in from there.

Once you are in your account you must display the options menu and for this you will click on the gear icon. And now, you will select the ‘Settings’ option, now go to the ‘Email notifications’ section that you will find on the left side of the screen. Once this is done, you will see the ‘Deactivate’ button which you must select.

If you want to receive only some emails, it is possible to make this adjustment and for this you must enter the ‘Activities related to you and your Tweets’ section. There you will find several options that you can select according to your priority. Thus ends this article that showed you how easy it is to block notifications on Twitter from your mobile .

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