How To Disable Pinterest notifications on Android

Pinterest is probably the ideal social network to get material from which to draw inspiration for the creation of all kinds of art and content, considering that we are dealing with a purely visual site , full of an infinity of photos, drawings, art and design that are they can easily be found through a simple search engine or the algorithm of the page that suits your tastes.

The best thing about this new social network is that not only does it offer you the option to be inspired visually, but it also allows you to download images from Pinterest and save them easily , so that you don’t have to visit the application every time you want to search for an image that you you liked or have to take a screenshot and crop the image losing quality.

Despite being a social network where interaction between users is minimal , your profile is visible to everyone so that they can see the images you have uploaded or the bookmarks you have saved. Therefore, you have the option to delete my Pinterest account  for both privacy and cybersecurity reasons.

There are many options available within the Pinterest platform so that you can make the most of it, especially now that its official version for Android is available . Therefore, with today’s article we will teach you how to deactivate or remove unwanted notifications from Pinterest on an Android mobile.


  • Disable Pinterest notifications on Android
  • Turn off notifications completely

Disable Pinterest notifications on Android

In recent times, a certain controversy has arisen in the online community regarding Pinterest due not only to the spam that the application can cause on the phone by sending constant notifications, but also to the Black Hat Seo practices to position itself in the first positions in the vast majority of search results from Google and other search engines.

This notification problem tends to be exhausting, since for any minimal reason of any interaction with our profile or recommendations from the social network, it sends notifications directly to the phone. This causes problems because in many cases we do not want to uninstall the application but we do not find another reason to keep it on the mobile.

Currently, there are two methods available to remove notifications from the app . Through the internal configuration of the application and its parameters within the mobile or by completely eliminating all the notifications of the application, also deactivating the annoying notifications to email.


With the first method, you must open the application and enter your user profile, within your profile you must mark on the configuration option that has been the gear-shaped icon on the upper right-hand screen. Within the configuration menu, enter the “Notifications” option and here you will have the following options available to configure:

  • On Pinterest:To configure the notifications that will be displayed while you are in the application or in the web version of it.
  • By email:To define the parameters of the notifications that the application will send you to email.
  • By push notifications:To configure the notifications that the application sends to the mobile.

Turn off notifications completely

To stop receiving notifications from this social network, simply enter “Settings” on your phone and then go to the “Applications” section, once you are in the menu with all the applications, search for Pinterest and click on it, Enter the “Notifications” section and deactivate the option to show notifications on the computer.

While to deactivate email notifications, you must follow the steps previously explained in the application and then enter the “By mail” section, you have to click on the “Deactivate all” button.

In the event that neither of these two options meet your needs, here in Discover How to Do it we recommend this article about Tumblr, what it is for, features, how it works and how to use it , so that you have an alternative to Pinterest with a social network a little more interactive and less annoying with the constant notifications.


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