How can you improve the ranking of your Blogger post on Google?

In general, the positioning of an entry is linked to how related it is to the search for people ; It is for this reason that your blog could have popular entries and others that barely accumulate visits. To position all the entries on your blog, you can make use of a series of tips and tools designed to do so.

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  1. What factors does Google consider to position a Blogger post?
  2. How can you improve the ranking of your Blogger post on Google?
    1. Select your keywords
    2. Check your URLs carefully
    3. Share in your social networks
  3. What to do if your Blogger post still does not rank in Google?

What factors does Google consider to position a Blogger post?

The Google search engine positions each navigation result based on different aspects of the SEO of the blog in question and relating it to the particular search of each user. Some of the most important aspects of inspecting blog posts are the title keywords , the post’s link address, and promotion on other platforms.

In addition, another aspect that might seem minor, but is also taken into account in the positioning by Google, is the content of the post . If you include images in your blog post, tag or name each one by relating it to the keyword that defines the post you published. This will increase the relationship between a user’s Google search and the Blogger post you posted.

In the same way, the authenticity of the content that comprises the entry is essential for the positioning of the same. Just as the description of the blog entry is a tool that Google evaluates to position the blog in the search engine. Finally, another factor that determines the position of your entry is the reliability of the domain in which it is located; so you will have to attract an audience to your website .

How can you improve the ranking of your Blogger post on Google?

To get each Blogger entry to rank high in Google search results , you must cover every factor that the search engine evaluates. Although there are numerous aspects, some of these are more relevant than others and, therefore, you should direct more attention to them; without neglecting the rest.

Select your keywords

This is the factor that determines in the first instance the positioning of your Blogger post, since it is the direct relationship between the search of a particular user and the content they want to find. This will allow the posts you publish to be requested content, potentially increasing page views.

For this, different tools have been developed that allow a search for the keywords that make up the most frequent searches on Google . Some of these tools for evaluating potential keywords are Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Keyword Shitter.

However, you should bear in mind that it is easier to generate visits by creating content with respect to average keywords, than those that lead the trends. In addition, you need to properly link the keyword with the title, subtitles, and images of your blogger post.

Check your URLs carefully

The URL of the Blogger entry is another key factor in the positioning of it in Google, therefore, it is necessary that you do not leave the generation of it to chance . Try to create addresses that are short, for which you can eliminate the connectors between phrases and use the keyword or keyword of the entry without a doubt.

Also, make sure that no numbers are displayed in the Blogger URL, or that those included are exclusively the numbers of the keyword, if there is one.

Share in your social networks

This is a very effective way to bring new audiences to the content you have published on your blog and increase its visits. You can use your personal social networks , but feel free to create new accounts for your blog on the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms. In this way, you will add followers in each of the domains you prefer and guide them to your Blogger posts.

You can use each account to post a snapshot of each of your Blogger posts and leave the link in the description. By increasing visits to your website’s domain, you will increase the chance that your content will rank in search results.

What to do if your Blogger post still does not rank in Google?

If you have already covered each of the aforementioned factors that Google uses to rank content online, you should know that the process can take some time before showing results. However, there are other tools that you can apply to speed up the ranking of your Blogger content.

  • Use visual content: You can complement the text that comprises your Blogger post with visual content. This will make reading each entry more comfortable for visitors and more visually appealing for each. Remember to link the visual content of each image with the keywords, in the name of each one.
  • Adjust the description of the entry: Try to be precise and invite action immediately, since the previous description in the Google search result can increase the visits and the position of each entry.
  • Link your posts: When you’ve created content related in some respects to an old post that you posted, you can link the URL of the old one to the new one. In this way, you will add new visits to your previous Blogger posts and increase the traffic on your site.
  • Apply the suggestions: Lean on the comments your entries receive to improve the content you plan to publish. Also, some people might even give you ideas for new content.
  • Create posts with good content: Google evaluates that the content promoting the post is not a document where only the keywords are repeated. Therefore, give the audience what they expect to find in the content of the post by the title of the post.
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