How to Create Ranking Charts in WordPad – Do it from your Windows PC

Wordpad is a very versatile and useful tool when you know how to use it correctly and make the most of its capabilities. With it we can make reports, articles, manuals and compositions of all kinds because it is a basic word processor. By reaching a certain level of skill in its use, better structured documents can be presented allowing readers to fully understand the information contained. One of the best ways is to create a rating chart, where you can display data organically, which is why here we will learn how to create rating charts in WordPad from your Windows PC .

How to Create Sort Charts in WordPad – Do It From Your Windows PC

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  1. What advantages will you get by enhancing your document with classification charts?
    1. Give it a better presentation
    2. improve reading
  2. How to use (+, -) for box creation in WordPad?
  3. How can you use HTML code to put boxes in your WordPad files?
  4. What are the steps to add a table to spreadsheets in WordPad?

What advantages will you get by enhancing your document with classification charts?

The classification charts allow you to present data in a more organized and specific way, so that you can greatly improve the way you analyze any type of information. They also serve to present organizational structures, activities to be carried out, comparisons with variables in the columns.

Give it a better presentation

With a classification table you will be able to present any type of data in a better way, in addition to correctly dividing the categories of the same, allowing a better analysis of these . These also work as support material in the writing of the information as they allow you to rely on them as well as facilitating the explanation.


improve reading

Readers are better able to connect ideas by being presented in a ranking chart. In this way, it helps to improve reading, which is why it fulfills many functions in terms of optimizing the way information is presented. Creating sort charts in WordPad is a great way to enhance your document .

Likewise, better documents in WordPad will allow you to develop in a better way in the presentation of any type of document, which you can then share via Google Drive through your Windows PC . The advantages offered by the scoring tables are very important, a common resource in documents of great importance .

How to use (+, -) for box creation in WordPad?

One of the ways that exist to create classification charts in WordPad is through the keyboard . The (+) and (-) keys are used for the same, and you must follow the steps that we present below. It should be noted that this can only be done on your Windows 10 PC, even on Windows 8, but not on Windows 7. To create a box with (+,-) follow these steps:

  • First of all, you must open the WordPad program either by searching in the Start menu, by clicking on the icon on the desktop or on the toolbar.
  • In the document, position the cursor where you want the table to start.
  • To create the first row you will have to use the symbols (+) and (-). With the (+) symbol you can start and end the rows. And the size of the cells will be measured in the symbol (-), so you must put as many as you want the size of the cell. An example would be: ‘+—-+—-+——-+’ .
  • The next thing will be to press ‘Enter’and the first row of the table will automatically be generated, with the symbols (+) being the borders of the cells. From this moment you can write on them, and they will increase in size depending on the amount of text you place.
  • To add more rows you must place the cursor in the last cell and press ‘Tab’, a new row will be automatically created. You can also position the cursor at the end of the first row on the outside edge of the table, then press ‘Enter’ and repeat the process from point 3.
  • After the box is created you can edit its size with the cursor, clicking on its border and dragging it.
  • Now you can start adding the content of your sort chart, using as many cells as you need. Within them you can give the letter the format you want.
  • To keep the table in the document we will have to save it in the ‘.rtf’ or ‘.docx’ format,otherwise it will be lost.

That way you can open the document in most word processors, such as Word or WPS Office . The latter can be uninstalled on Windows 10 easily in simple steps. There are also other ways to create the leaderboards, such as the following two methods.

How can you use HTML code to put boxes in your WordPad files?

If you’re proficient in programming and markup language, it’ll be easier for you to create and customize your ranking chart in WordPad. For this you only have to use the use of HTML tags to build your table as you want, the size you want. Just follow these simple steps to put pictures in your files:

  • To get started, open a new document in WordPad. There you can write a table of classification with HTML and be able to visualize it in any browser.
  • Hover over where you want to place the table, then type the table tags: *<table>* and *</table>*. You can type one followed by the other and press ‘Enter’ between them.
  • Next, set the labels for the first row with *<tr>* and *</tr>*. You will do this between the previous tags. Anything that goes inside these tags will be the header of a row.
  • The next will be to add the columns. For this we will have to use the tags *<th>* and *</th>*. For each pair of labels we will be adding a column to the row, where we can write the column headers.
  • To add more rows to the headers we will have to use the tags *<td>* and *</td>*together with those of step 3 to add the rows to each column. As we did in step 4, between each label we will write the data, example: *<td>Data 1</td><td>Data 2</td>*  leaving a line between data.
  • Keep adding rows as you need, always keeping in mind to close the tag with both operators.
  • When finished, we will have to save it and for them we will click on ‘Save as’ in the ‘File’ tab. In this case we will save the document as an HTML file.
  • A menu will be displayed where we will have to select ‘Text’ in the form in which we will save the document.
  • Before saving the file, you’ll change the file extension from ‘.txt’ to ‘.html’.
  • To finish, we save the file by clicking ‘Save’. To open it we will start a browser and then we will double click on the file to view it.

By following these steps to the letter you will be able to create your own leaderboard , all in WorPad thanks to Microsoft. On the other hand, Windows 10 gadgets are also a useful functionality of the system, and you can easily recover them to take advantage of them again. If you have little knowledge of markup language, you can also support yourself by using another program.

What are the steps to add a table to spreadsheets in WordPad?

It is also possible to create a classification table or chart using Microsoft Excel , taking advantage of its built-in tools. This will give you better control of the board to meet whatever needs you have. You can achieve this in WordPad in a simple way, following the steps below. If you have Windows 10 you must have the Microsoft Office package that includes Excel.

  • Inside WordPad, we’ll click the ‘Insert Object’button on the toolbar . You will find this in the ‘Insert’ tab or in the ‘Insert’ section, depending on the version of the program.
  • A pop-up window will appear where we will have to choose ‘Spreadsheet’ from the list of available ‘object types’. You can select ‘Excel Spreadsheet’or ‘OpenDocument Spreadsheet’. Click on ‘OK’ and another window with a spreadsheet will automatically open.
  • We can start filling in the table directly in the spreadsheet program that we use. Everything you insert into one program will appear in the other, specifically from Excel to WordPad.
  • At this point we will have to empty all the information we want in the table, adjusting its size as we use cells to place data.
  • It’s time to take advantage of the spreadsheet program’s formatting tools to edit the layout of the cells. Likewise, the text can be formatted according to what is desired. Use bold to create headings in the charts you create.
  • It is also possible to change the size of the cells directly in Excel in case you want to place larger letters. The changes will be reflected in WordPad.
  • To finish the table, close the spreadsheet editor window. In this way the table will be created in the WordPad file. In the latter you can change the size of the table using the cursor and dragging it. It can also be placed anywhere in the document.
  • If you want to add, remove or make any edits, you can do so by double-clicking on the table. This will open the spreadsheet program for easy editing.

If you have any doubts, you can read the Microsoft support about WordPad to better understand the steps to follow. I hope that with this information you can add completely custom tables to your documents , until next time!

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