How to Install Free and Paid Themes in WordPress

When it comes to designing a website with originality , dynamism and that attracts the public’s attention to the site, WordPress is the ideal option. You can get the best themes for your website, both Premium and free. If you plan to venture into an enterprise and want to promote your business on a website, you were right with this article.

Here you will learn how to install the free and Premium themes in WordPress. In addition, you will know where you can get the best themes for WordPress. For that reason, we recommend that you continue reading this article until the end.

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  1. What should I consider when choosing the theme for my WordPress?
  2. Where can I find free WordPress themes?
    1. Free themes
    2. Premium themes
  3. What is the procedure to install a free WordPress theme?
  4. How can I install a Premium theme to my WordPress?
  5. What other method can I use to install WordPress themes?
    1. FTP (file transfer protocol)

What should I consider when choosing the theme for my WordPress?

WordPress is a very useful tool that allows you to design your website efficiently , creatively and like a professional. In this tool you can get a great variety of themes that you can choose from. But you must consider certain aspects before choosing a topic. You can visit the official WordPress site .

First, keep in mind the objectives and purposes of your online site. That way you will choose a topic aimed at achieving your established goals. In addition, there are themes that are available in WordPress, but it has a certain cost and others that are free. Based on the above, choose those that best suit your interests.

Where can I find free WordPress themes?

There are infinities of sites on the web where you can get completely free WordPress themes and others that are paid. Most of them give you the opportunity to design your virtual space using templates that will give originality and versatility to the structure of your online site.

Free themes

It is very easy to create a website with WordPress . But when choosing topics, it may take more time. By browsing the web you can get sites that promote free WordPress themes. They are generally designers who specialize in template design. To mention a few, Themelsle and Justfreetheme , this last option offers you varied themes classified by categories, which makes searching and choosing easier; Rare theme, you can get quality themes, and Modern Theme, although you can get simpler themes, they do not detract from the style of the design.

Premium themes

If you are looking for themes that provide style with better performance and great technological support, Premium themes are recommended in this regard. These themes have a cost that you must pay to obtain them. But they guarantee you quality results. On the web you can find sites that specialize in offering Premium WordPress themes, but we will mention only a few.

Themeforest and Elegant Themes are two of the most visited sites for the quality of themes you can get. In addition to the designs and effects they contain, you can achieve originality by customizing your designs. Although you will find sites that offer free Premium themes, you should always trust the quality and what you want for the design and structure of your website.

What is the procedure to install a free WordPress theme?

Log in to WordPress, and click on Appearance and Themes. There you must click on Add new. You can perform the search by filtering the results taking into account the featured, popular or favorites. Or you can also search by the name of the specific topic. Once you have desired, click on Details and preview.

This section shows more information about the selected theme as well as a preview of it. Then, you click Install, thereby installing the free theme on your WordPress site. To use it, you just have to search your repertoire of songs and that’s it.

How can I install a Premium theme to my WordPress?

In the case of paid issues. To install Premium themes on WordPress , you must first make the payment and then download using the WordPress control panel. You proceed as follows: You download the theme you have paid for and store the file in ZIP format on your computer. Then you go to your WordPress site, click on Appearance and under Themes, click on Add new.

In that window you must click on Load theme. This is how you download the Zip file to your WordPress site. You examine the file by clicking Browse and then clicking Install Now. With these steps you will have downloaded the Premium theme and installed it on your WordPress site. It only remains to click on Activate to use it on your website.

What other method can I use to install WordPress themes?

On the other hand, you can use another method to install themes in WordPress, it is the transfer of files that is carried out from the computer between a user and the web server. Here we explain the details about this method.

FTP (file transfer protocol)

It is a more advanced method to install WordPress themes, so we suggest you do not do it unless you have experience in the process. The first step is to obtain the credentials or permissions to connect with the server, you can use the FileZilla server which is faster. You go to the FileZilla site and enter the credentials . Then you click on Quickconnect.

Thus, FileZilla initiates the connection to your site’s servers . The next step is to download the files of the WordPress themes, in the folders on the right panel, click on Themes. The themes that you already have installed on your WordPress site will appear there. You go to the left panel and with the right button click on the Zip file and click on Load. At the end of the upload, you will see this theme in the right panel next to the ones you already have on your WordPress site. You have everything you need to design your website. On the other hand, you can improve the style and position your website with WordPress SEO tools.

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