How can I unsubscribe from ONO Vodafone online?

One of the most difficult decisions is to unsubscribe from those services that we have contracted. From the moment the operator is informed that your wish is to cancel the contract you have acquired, it will try everything in its power to make you stay with the company for as long as possible .

As a user, you have the possibility to unsubscribe from ONO Vodafone , you can do this regardless of the rate you have. However, you have two options, among which you can carry out a portability to another operator. In this case, you will be able to keep the mobile number and also the fixed number, only the operator to which you belong now will change.

To be able to do this, everything is very simple and you will only have to communicate with the operator and explain your reasons, they will personally communicate with the other company and help you carry out the entire process.

The other option you have to unsubscribe from ONO Vodafone is to do so without the intention of keeping the phone number assigned to you. For this procedure, only the owner of the line must be present and to do this call Vodafone 22123 .

When you have finished the process of canceling ONO Vodafone, all the services you have purchased with the line will be deactivated and with that, all your data will have been lost.

What is the total cost to unsubscribe from ONO Vodafone?

At the time of processing the cancellation of your account with ONO Vodafone, it is not necessary that you make any type of extra amount for the procedure . However, you must bear in mind that when acquiring these services a commitment of permanence is acquired.

Within the Vodafone website, you may find two types of permanence, one that is associated with the rate and the other that is associated with the operator itself.

With the permanence rate, you are agreeing not to modify the rate of your service for a certain period of time, which is generally set by Vodafone .

If this period of permanence is not fulfilled in the correct way, the company will have the right to request a payment which will be reflected in the form of a penalty, which corresponds to the total amount for the remaining months to comply.

If, on the other hand, you have a mobile ONO rate , the only permanence rate that you must cancel is those that refer to the Network rates.

As you can see, the length of stay will depend on the rates you have contracted, however, there is the possibility that said rate is associated with a specific offer.

What can you do after canceling ONO Vodafone?

If you are already sure that you can unsubscribe from ONO Vodafone without the need to pay any type of penalty, you must bear in mind that you must deliver all the equipment that has been installed at your home.

To get the process completed, you have 30 days from the day you start the process. During this time you must return the router and the decoder of the company, otherwise, you will be charged € 80 for the router and € 120 for the decoder.

After 20 days of your withdrawal from the company, you will receive a message, in which you will be provided with a return code and also a series of options with which you can make said delivery. If, on the other hand, this message does not reach you, it means that you do not have any responsibility to return any equipment and therefore, you will not be charged any penalty.

Likewise, within the delivery options provided by the company, there is the opportunity to send it through a post office, where you can leave the devices with all the accessories that were delivered to you.


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