How Do I Know The Coverage That Vodafone Offers Me?

Perhaps you are already a Vodafone customer and you want to check what the coverage is where you are going to travel, or you are thinking of becoming a customer of this operator, and you want to know what its coverage is in the different technologies that its network supports ( 3G / 4G / 4G + / 5G and even NB-IoT ), but the point is, you need to know for whatever reason.

This operator has an easily accessible online coverage map based on Google Maps that allows us to view coverage anywhere in Spain .

When the page has been loaded, the first thing to do is select which is the connectivity technology that we are going to consult. For example, with 5G we will only see the urban areas of Madrid, Seville, Malaga or Barcelona Marcadas, while with the rest it will be practically the entire country.

Signal strength is measured by three different colors: light green, very high, high blue, and low red .

Here we can see the Vodafone coverage map page with all the elements that we have indicated: the connectivity technology, and the color-coded map

We can go through the map by scrolling through it and enlarging it with our computer mouse, or by using the Google Maps own controls that we also find on this embedded map on the Vodafone page.

Coverage data for a specific location

Thanks to the form that we find just below the coverage map, we can also ask the operator what their coverage is at a very specific point, by address .

We will only have to choose the province in the first drop-down, the population of the chosen province in the second, and manually enter the address (street and portal) and the postal code of the address that we want to consult.

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