How can I unsubscribe from Jazztel services online?

Within the telecommunications sector Jazztel is a company that has built an impeccable reputation. Its attention to the consumer and the quality of its services have made it one of the great pioneers in the sector. However, when making the decision to cancel Jazztel services online, you must follow a series of steps.

If you want to change companies or intend to move without Jazztel services it is important to make the request correctly. Everything will depend on the means you use to cancel the service or if you have a contract of permanence still in force. It may seem like a very cumbersome procedure, but it can be solved by following the step-by-step procedure.

Cancel the Jazztel service online

For security reasons, Jazztel does not allow the request to unsubscribe from the service online to avoid identity theft. However, they have added the ability to apply by email .

Send an email to with your personal information, your first or last name, telephone number and a photo of your scanned ID or take a good photo from your mobile. Add a contact phone number so they can contact you and validate your identity.

Cancel the Jazztel service by phone

It is the method that Jazztel usually recommends because it is the fastest and offers personalized attention to each client. In addition to obtaining a faster response and they will be able to explain in detail how to cancel the service depending on your type of contract.

  • When you call from a Jazztel operator mobile phone dial the number 1565 . The call is free.
  • When you call from another operator, call 640001565. The call is charged.
  • In case of calling from abroad, do not forget to use the country code +349114011565 . It is also a paid service.

Performs call Monday through Friday from 9 to 22 hours . You must tell the operator that you want to cancel the service and they will do everything possible to help you if the reason for which you want to terminate the contract is due to an incident.

At the end of the contract you will have to verify your identity and the contract data. In this case, it is advisable to have at hand all the data associated with the service, as well as your identification data.

Once your request is answered, they give you a maximum period of 24 hours so that you can retract during that time the cancellation of the Jazztel service. The cancellation of the service is carried out in a maximum of two business days.

Cancel the service with a permanent contract

Even having a service contract, there is the possibility of definitively canceling the contract with the company, but surely you will have to pay extra money for breach of contract . The company cannot force you to maintain the service for the duration of the permanence contract, but it can ask for some kind of compensation.

The amount of money that must be paid will depend on the number of months that you have left to fulfill in the permanence contract. The greater the number of months that you still have to meet, the greater the amount of money you will have to pay.

Added to this, you must cancel the cost of the router , which costs 69.95 euros for standard devices and 99.95 euros for premium devices, unless you return it.

Return the Jazztel router

Once the contract is completed, you must return the devices such as the router. If you also had the TV service, you must return the TV decoders .

Once your request has been answered, you will have 15 business days to return the devices . They will inform you by Text Message to your mobile phone how to follow the return process.

Devices can be delivered to an Orange store . Only deliver the devices with an identity document and they will give you a document that validates that you made the delivery, then you can request another Internet service provider .

In the event that you are unable to bring the devices to a store, you always have the option of calling the company and they will send a courier to collect the devices.


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