How Amazon affiliation works

Do you have a blog that is starting to grow and visitors are increasing day by day? Have you already thought about how to make money with your blog? If you have already reached 1000 daily visitors you could start earning a few euros that will surely allow you to repay your expenses. Surely you already know Adsense, the most used google advertising circuit ever and present in the majority of blogs but perhaps you do not yet know that you can earn with Amazon through the affiliate circuit. So if you want to know how Amazon affiliation works and how to monetize your blog through Amazon, take a few minutes to read this article.


  • How Amazon affiliation works
    • What is Amazon affiliation
    • How to join the Amazon affiliate program
    • Earnings from Amazon
    • Tips for Getting Started with Amazon Affiliations

How Amazon affiliation works

What is Amazon affiliation

Let’s start to see how the Amazon affiliation works; the Amazon affiliate program allows you to receive a commission every time a visitor to your site purchases an Amazon product via your site. In practice you will have to put, as we will see better later, within your articles links to Amazon products (including your identification code) and Amazon, thanks to this code will recognize that a user who purchases a product arrives from your site . Obviously, signing up for the Amazon affiliate program is completely free and there will be no price changes in Amazon products sold through the links of your items.

Any visitor who has clicked a link to Amazon from one of your articles, if they purchase one or more Amazon products within the following 24 hours, I will earn you a commission, regardless of the product purchased. If the visitor, instead of buying the product, simply adds it to the Amazon shopping cart, you will still receive the commission as long as the product is then purchased  within ninety days.

The commission percentage of the Amazon affiliate program is quite low compared to other affiliations and varies according to the type of product sold. You will be able to receive rewards in different ways (for example by bank transfer or in the form of an Amazon gift card).

How to join the Amazon affiliate program

Now that you know how Amazon affiliation works, let’s see how you can join this program. To subscribe to the Amazon affiliate program go to the main page of the service and press the button that says Sign up , then you will have to log in with the credentials (user and password) that you normally use to make purchases on Amazon.

Subsequently you will have to fill in all the forms and in particular you will have to enter the address of your blog and its name as well as the topic covered.

Next you will need to read the Amazon Affiliate Program Agreement and press the Finish button . Do not neglect to read the rules of this program because in case of violation you would risk being permanently banned.

At this point the subscription to the Amazon affiliate program is completed but your account is not yet active.

Amazon, in fact, will have to verify the quality of your blog by evaluating that the contents are original and that they have a minimum of quality and above all that the blog deals with topics that comply with the program; the number of visitors to your blog is not relevant to the authorization.

Usually 5 to 10 days are required for this verification. Once completed you will receive an email from Amazon with the response.

If the registration has been approved you can start using the Amazon affiliate program, vice versa you will have to try to understand what went wrong and try again with the registration at a later time.

Once the registration has been approved, access the Amazon affiliate program site, press at the top right on your Amazon user (email) and from the menu that will be displayed select the item my account . Click on Change payment method and choose the way you want to receive payments from Amazon.

Earnings from Amazon

As I anticipated at the beginning of the article, Amazon commissions vary according to the category of product sold and in principle never exceed 10% of the selling price; on this page you will find in detail the commissions for each product category.

As I had anticipated you can earn with Amazon also through indirect purchases; Amazon, in fact, distinguishes purchases in:

  • Direct: if a visitor buys a product belonging to the category you entered in your article
  • Indirect: if a visitor, once clicked on your link and redirected to Amazon, purchases a product of a different category.

The commissions for Indirect purchases are equal to 1.5% of the cost of the product; It may seem little to you but in reality indirect purchases allow you to earn large amounts with Amazon because very often you buy more than one product on Amazon.

Much more generous are the fees for subscriptions to Amazon services ; if a visitor from your site signs up for an Amazon service (for example Prime, Amazon Music, Prime reading etc.) you will receive a commission that can reach up to 20 euros depending on the service.

Payments from Amazon take place on a monthly basis after about 60 days from the last day of the month. You can choose whether to receive payments:

  • by bank credit (you will need to provide your IBAN)
  • through Amazon gift cards

Amazion will make the payment only when you have reached the minimum threshold (at least 25 Euros); if you have not reached it, the credit will be accumulated for the following month.

Tips for Getting Started with Amazon Affiliations

Now you know how the Amazon affiliation works and how much you can earn, it’s time to get to work! Once your profile is approved, you can immediately begin to link to products and try to make money with Amazon. The Amazon Affiliations site provides you with several tools to be able to insert links and banners in your articles and in addition to this you can use some WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliations.

In principle, you can insert links to Amazon products in your articles via text links and banners. A very useful tool for the Amazon affiliate program is SiteStripe ; through this feature it is possible to create links to products directly from the site; in practice, once you have enabled the SiteStripe service from the Amazon site you will have a button (at the top of the page) that will allow you to generate text links and banners to any Amazon page.

You can enable SiteStripe functionality directly from the Amazon Affiliate Program Control Panel.

You will have to try to insert as many links as possible to Amazon products without abusing them and insert links to products not related to the contents of your pages.

It must be said that the procedure for inserting links to products and advertising banners takes a long time and often becomes very frustrating. There are many WordPress plugins for Amazon that trying to make your life easier by simplifying the procedure for inserting links to the Amazon circuit within your articles. In one of my articles I talked about Amazon Auto links , a handy plugin for WordPress that allows you to create product lists in less than a second.

In this article I have explained to you roughly how the Amazon affiliation works and how to start using it; starting with this program is not difficult but the road to be able to make money with Amazon is long and uphill, now it’s up to you to try to make your blog work.

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