How Amazon Sidewalk Works

We know that over time, the Amazon company has developed fame and popularity due to the different services it offers worldwide . And of course, as is to be expected, today it has not been the exception, since it never ceases to surprise its audience. Amazon has brought an innovative tethering breakthrough that enables you to get a wide range of coverage with the highest frequency ever. Its developers had the idea of ​​creating a connection platform that allows solving details or connection failures that the current network that we know today as WiFi has not been able to solve.

If you are interested in learning more about this new technological revolution called Amazon Sidewalk , I invite you to continue reading and you will find information that can be of great help, especially if you want to start using this service or you can simply learn about it and share with others this innovative proposal that Amazon has brought for you.

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  1. What is the Amazon Sidewalk digital tool for?
  2. What are the most relevant features of Amazon Sidewalk?
  3. How safe is it to constantly use Amazon Sidewalk?
  4. Between an Amazon Sidewalk and conventional WiFi networks, which is better?
  5. How can we start using Amazon Sidewalk on our devices
    1. Compatible Devices
    2. How to turn it on and off
  6. What connection alternatives to Amazon Sidewalk are available today?
    1. Zigbee
    2. DECT
    3. LTE-M
    4. LoRa

What is the Amazon Sidewalk digital tool for?

We can say that Amazon Sidewalk is a shared network tool and has been created to allow other devices such as Amazon Echo, screens, ring security cameras, speakers, motion sensors and exterior lights, to be transformable to WiFi network repeaters. This gives your devices unmatched benefits, as it guarantees that they always remain connected to the network . For example, when you lose internet connectivity your Amazon echo, automatically when the Sidewalk system is enabled, what it will do is simplify the reconnection to the router you are using, and the bridge of this connection would be other compatible devices for it.

It also brings other great benefits such as finding lost items , as it is created to work together with other tracking devices, such as Tile. All this thought to help you find anything that is of great value to you. Another important point is that this platform allows you to create a group of connected devices in the same place, be it a community, home, work or even city. Since when working with frequencies of up to 900MHz it can send information with distances ranging from 500 meters to 1.5 kilometers. In addition, this allows you to have much faster connections and make international calls by WhatsApp.with our loved ones since its frequency needs little power to have a good function than that required by other networks.


On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention an important point for everything, such as security. Well, it brings a variety of security options that help you protect your privacy, and if it is the case that you want to no longer use this Amazon Sidewalk tool, you can simply reverse the process. This server has applications to eliminate it at any time and as you wish, including this: the Alexa App or the Ring App.

What are the most relevant features of Amazon Sidewalk?

By having this new and innovative proposal that Amazon brought we can do much more with our smart devices. These help us to connect from wherever we need to constantly navigate . Here you can find some features so that you understand more about what this tool is about. In addition, by having a frequency band of 900MHz, it allows you to cover great distances. On the other hand, by having a rebound effect, it can pass its signal over the walls and thus reach the destination.

Another great aspect that we must mention is that the energy consumption is very little, because having Lot devices, it is not necessary to use so much energy to have a good connection. For this reason you should not worry if your devices have rechargeable batteries. It also provides great speed and good coverage when working with Lot devices, which are already extremely fast to perform their functions. They are responsible for sending and receiving a certain number of actions, among them it can be to turn off or turn on a device, if there is moisture in an important place, among other instructions.

Sidewalk can cover the requirement of other devices that have more activities such as updating their App or firmware automatically. That is why it offers you wide coverage. Another important feature is Amazon Sidewalk Mesh , with this interesting proposal it is expected to create a network in the form of mesh. In other words, a network in which all those who are close and wish to connect with each other, can do so with it. All this to have a greater wireless connection that can work with the Lot devices that are connected.

Given the aforementioned, Amazon has shown that with several internet connection points, up to 500 meters we can safely navigate with our devices, as well as it has also verified that the most important thing is to have a good signal or coverage in different places to communicate with others such as it can be for IP voice calls , which needs a good internet connection.

How safe is it to constantly use Amazon Sidewalk?

Amazon developers have also thought that Sidewalk has a security system that provides protection when transmitting information as well as when communicating with others, since its uses are very frequent in many places. It also has several security and privacy options that allow you to protect your important data. Only the owner can have accessto WiFi passwords, this ensures that owners of other Sidewalk-compatible devices that share your signal will not know that other devices are also connected to the platform. Another security option that Amazon brings is that it will allow its owners to share or not, the approximate address of their device, so no one will know the exact address of it.

Between an Amazon Sidewalk and conventional WiFi networks, which is better?

As expected, Amazon has focused on creating technological means that cover great distances in terms of internet connection, on the other hand, the trajectory that the WiFi platform has had has only given its users a higher connection speed. When talking about speed and coverage, Amazon Sidewalk has managed to meet the requirements for this, because having 900MHz frequency bands can distribute network over long distances, a problem that WiFi has not been able to solve yet, so, that is why Sidewalk it has better and more use because it provides better communication by having devices that have greater range and coverage such as Lot.

The WiFi network has offered its users secure connections but not completely, because unexpected threats can be found if you do not have applications that give security to your devices. While Sidewalk has a great protection system when you want to communicate or transmit data, files, important information or your saved passwords, photos or videos. So that they are not found by others. For Amazon Sidewalk, its main objective is to be able to have a wide signal available to its users that can reach long distances and is available to everyone . However, this does not mean that its speed is not the best.

It is also important to mention that having devices that work with wide bands like Sidewalk’s, their signals are very wide and they can easily cross obstacles , and travel extremely long distances unlike the currently implemented WiFi network. As well as it is important to know that they do not require large energy consumption, which is of great help to save energy in the country.

How can we start using Amazon Sidewalk on our devices

To have a good experience using Amazon Sidewalk technology, we only have to purchase their products in the Amazon store available for each country. But before doing so, we must know that to use it we must have devices enabled to work with Sidewalk. Due to the high demand of your requirements, these devices have been specifically adapted so that they can cover the functions of Sidewalk. That is why by having the devices compatible with Amazon Sidewalk, you only have to connect them to the internet network that you commonly use in your home, workplace or wherever you need it and in this way the Sidewalk devices will be able to work with it as well as distribute it to others.

Compatible Devices

There are a variety of devices enabled to work with Sidewalk, developed to work under a low-bandwidth network, their purpose is to use your internet network and transmit them to other places in order to expand the network and you can enjoy it over a long distance . In this way you and your neighbors, friends or family who are around you can enjoy it. And the most important thing is that by sharing the network with others, it will not influence that it becomes increasingly slower or less accessible, but on the contrary, it will become stronger and stronger thanks to these Amazon Sidewalk Bridges devices.

Among these are selected Ring Floodligtht, Echo, Spotlight Cams devices and others, also Ring Floodligtht Cam of 2019, Ring Spotlight Cam Wired of 2019, Ring Spotlight Cam Mount of 2019, Echo 3rd generation, Echo doy 3rd generation, Echo 3rd Gen Kids Only Dot, 3rd Gen Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Plus All Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Show 5, 8, and 10 All Gen, Echo Spot, Echo Input, Echo Studio and Echo Flex.

How to turn it on and off

This impressive wireless network has developed a variety of advantages compared to other WiFi connections. Enabling Sidewalk-compatible smart devices to connect with others over long distances is a breakthrough for the network. Here you can find simple and quick steps to activate and deactivate this incredible wireless network if you want so take note of the following: To activate Amazon Sidewalk the first thing you should do is download the Alexa application on your Android device, iPad or other, you must take into account and make sure to download or update the latest version of it.

Then open the App already downloaded, look for the section that says More and click on the configuration option. Go to the account settings, click there and then select the Amazon Sidewalk option and finally click on activate Amazon and that’s it, you will enjoy it. To deactivate the Amazon Sidewalk function, you must also have the App on your device then do the same procedure mentioned above and finally click on deactivate and in this simple and fast way you can stop using said service.

What connection alternatives to Amazon Sidewalk are available today?

There are other alternatives that may also have some functions or features similar to Amazon Sidewalk. As it can be a wide connection band and energy saving when using the different devices, therefore thanks to its wide connection range many more functions equal to this can be carried out with other devices.


This allows wireless communication based on the standard 802.15.4 code for networks, with a very important purpose for its users, such as efficient consumption of electrical energy for Lot devices. It also allows a wide network range allowing communication with other devices that are around you safely and with a wide range of coverage. It is also important to mention that in it you can find a network of technological meshes, it is also called Mesh. In addition to being a free service around the world, you will not need special developers to use it, as it uses low-frequency band technology to allow you a better and wider connection to the network.

For example, the maximum is 100 meters of coverage that it offers its users with a speed of 250kbps, this will be enough for you to do basic activities on your devices with Lot technology. As well as it allows you to create connection nodes with a maximum limit of 65535 which are distributed in other smaller networks, being able to be in star or tree type.


This server is very popular nowadays, since it is very varied, it allows you a very strong and stable wireless connection. It is for this reason that there are currently many devices with this type of technology because it is the most stable to connect with the base and thus send or receive any information. Having a 1900Mhz frequency band and a high speed of 32Kbps as well as a coverage of up to 300 meters makes it the most used by many, including the popular manufacturer Acm Fritz.


This server also has high wireless functionality, it has similar characteristics to the previous one, reaching up to 1Mbps makes it very fast , in downloading or uploading files to the network. It is also common to use it to have M2M communication, an area where it is very popular. But it is important to mention that it has the cost disadvantage since it is much higher than other servers.


This wireless communication server uses a frequency band of 800 and 900 MHz, to improve any communication by having greater coverage expansion of up to a distance of 5 kilometers in any place, especially urban ones since these have more efficient interference and greater, while rural or very remote regions have a range of up to 15 kilometers.

We can also say that when looking for similarities with Zigbee, it uses little energy since it has a speed of up to 0.3 to 22 Kbps with a LoRa type modulation, being able to reach up to 100 Kbps using Gfsk. Its typology is very similar to the Zigbee server since both connect with Lot devices. But there are also some disadvantages when using this protocol, since the size of your network has a limit and it is not so useful for downloading heavy applications that require network speed, but it is very helpful and very efficient to avoid interference.


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