What are files with the .asf extension used for?

ASF is a multimedia file extension, that is, an audio and video container format that includes some optional metadata that provides information about the file. Some of this information is the name of the artist, the bibliographic copyright information and the length of the file. The ASF file type allows you to store compressed audiovisual content, but is this its only purpose?

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  1. What are files with the .asf extension used for?
  2. How can I open the .asf documents on my devices?
    1. On Windows computers
    2. On Mac
    3. On Android phones
    4. With iPhone devices
  3. How can I convert my .asf file to .MP4 or .AVI?
  4. What are the best alternative tools to open and edit .asf files?
    1. IrfanView
    2. CyberLink PowerProducer 6
    3. VLC Media Player
    4. Media Player Classic
    5. Winamp

What are files with the .asf extension used for?

Files with an .asf extension are multimedia documents created in order to reproduce and transfer audiovisual content online and in digital format, without having to download them completely beforehand. Files of the .asf type are thus used to play and transmit streaming media, also improving the quality of compressed audio and video content.

How can I open the .asf documents on my devices?

Although the usefulness of ASF files is recognized, there are still questions about how to open them on most devices. Next, you will see how to open your ASF extension documents according to the device you have.

On Windows computers

Since Microsoft is the operating system for which the extension was created, it is not surprising that Microsoft Windows Media Player is its main player. However, you also have options like Winamp, NCH WavePad, CyberLink PowerProducer, and Applian Replay Converter.

To open your ASF file on a Windows computer and by any of these means, you just have to right-click on the ASF file you want to play and then select the “Open with” option and choose one of the players mentioned above. .

If you are from a Windows computer, you can also choose to go directly to the player of your choice , click on “Open”, find the file you want to view and play it by double clicking.

On Mac

When it comes to a Mac computer , files with the .asf terminal can be opened using Winamp, NCH WavePad or PlayerXtreme Media Player.  To open the ASF file, you will need to apply the same steps above.

On Android phones

To open your document with an .asf extension on an Android device, all you have to do is download the Nullsoft Winamp application from your mobile application store , wait for it to run, access the folders and select the ASF file you want to play.

With iPhone devices

To play your file with an .asf extension on an iPhone device, you can use one of the applications mentioned in the section on Mac computers, but this time downloading its mobile version.

After downloading the application of your choice, you must wait for its execution to proceed to open the file you want from there . If you find any of these options not very accessible to open your file with an .asf extension, you can choose to convert your document to another format.

How can I convert my .asf file to .MP4 or .AVI?

If you want to convert your ASF file to a more accessible format, such as MP4 or AVI, you can choose to use a conversion package . To do this, you will only have to enter the program, press the “Add files” option, explore the list of available files and select the one of your choice.

Then, choose the output format in which you want the file to be, press the “Convert” button, wait for the conversion to complete and save the file in the location of your choice. Some of the conversion tools are:

  • Wondershare UniConverter– MP4 conversion program (not free).
  • Wondershare Free Video Converter– This is a free option available for Windows PC and Mac.
  • FreeFileConvert: it is an online converter, ideal for those users who have a device with little storage capacity . To enjoy its advantages and change your ASF file to MP4 you must access https://www.freefileconvert.com/asf-mp4 from the browser and follow the steps mentioned.
  • Video Converter Ultimate: with this tool you can easily convert your files with the .asf extension to AVI format. You just have to download and install the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate converter on your PC, add and import the file, select the AVI format in the “Profile” tab and convert.

What are the best alternative tools to open and edit .asf files?

In addition to the players mentioned above, there are other tools that will allow you not only to open but also to edit your .asf files . Here are some of them along with their salient features.


One of the most remarkable things is its speed. In addition, it has many adjustment options to modify the quality of a file, its rotation and visual effects such as contrast, brightness or saturation.

CyberLink PowerProducer 6

This program is easily executed, following the instructions in the previous section on playing files with an .asf extension. In addition, it gives you the option to edit the audiovisual content of an .asf file, adding special effects . Other video editing tools included in this program are trimming and merging clips.

VLC Media Player

Its biggest advantage is that it is a free player, in which you can view your .asf files following the instructions in the previous sections. But in addition to its easy access, VLC Media Player stands out for its editing functions. With this tool you can, for example, cut and combine your videos.

Media Player Classic

This program allows you to play large files without delays and with high resolution. At the same time as a useful media player , it is also a video editor that includes features such as subtitle customization.


It can be run on your Windows PC by following the directions mentioned above. One of its advantages is that it allows you to process sound and visual effects. To do this, you only have to configure a plug-in (by pressing CTRL + P / Plug-ins / DSP / Effect and marking Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP). Then, you just have to follow the instructions to add effects to your .asf videos and even to remove the voices from a song.


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