How Amazon Pay Works

If you are a regular customer of Amazon, surely you have already heard of it but if you don’t know how Amazon Pay works I suggest you read this guide because this completely free service offered by Amazon could be particularly useful.

Without going too far into useless and boring introductions, I’ll immediately explain what it is and how to pay with Amazon Pay, Amazon’s new digital payment service that offers Amazon customers features like Paypal.


  • How Amazon Pay Works
  • How to pay with Amazon Pay

How Amazon Pay Works

Let’s get straight to the point and see how Amazon Pay works. Amazon Pay is Amazon’s free service that allows you to use your Amazon account to pay for online purchases made on all stores that adhere to this type of payment. The main advantage is that you can pay in affiliated online stores without having to register your payment details and without having to send credit card numbers. With your Amazon account only, therefore, you can buy on multiple sites without even having to remember additional credentials; comfortable right? it works following the same logic as Paypal.

In addition, the Amazon A to Z Guarantee is applied to all products purchased through Amazon Pay (even if purchased from other sites) which will allow you to receive a refund equal to the sum if the goods received are damaged or if the package has been lost. . This guarantee will always allow you to make a return if the product does not comply with what was declared during the sale.

As I have already told you, the service is completely free and no commission is applied. All the operations carried out with Amazon Pay will then be visible directly from the Amazon site in the summary page of the orders so you can have a trace in a single page of all the operations carried out on the various ecommerce sites

There are currently over 1000 sites online that accept this form of payment but the number is growing dramatically day by day.

How to pay with Amazon Pay

Now that you know how Amazon Pay works, let’s see how to take advantage of this payment method and then how to pay with Amazon Pay.

Let’s start by saying that a separate registration is not necessary to enable this payment formula; all you need is an active Amazon account and that you have a valid payment method set up. On Amazon as a payment method you can choose between the credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express), the debit card (Visa Electron, Delta and Maestro); Amazon vouchers cannot be used to take advantage of Amazon Pay.

Do you have an Amazon account with a valid payment method associated with it? Perfect then you are ready to shop. When you are making an online purchase and during the payment phase you will see, among the payment methods accepted by the seller, the Amazon Pay logo, just click on it to start the payment with Amazon. To proceed with the transaction, you will only be asked to enter your username and password laterthat you normally use to log into Amazon. On the next screen you will see the shipping address and the payment method that you have registered on your Amazon account and that you normally use (if necessary you can also change the shipping address by entering a new one). Only the first time you use this service will you be asked to accept the terms of conditions of this service, just tick the box to accept the conditions.

Once you are done with the purchase, Amazon Pay will automatically send you an email to notify you that the payment has been authorized and then also an email to confirm the purchase.

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