Great Essay About Honour And Shame With Examples

Here is theme and essay about honour and shame is being discussed.A desire for honour,of glory.or fame resides in the heart of all men., “ame has been spoken of as the last infirmity of noble minds, there is such a thing as a code of honour even, among thieves and robbers. This innate love of honour prompts men to avoid what is shameful. Thus.even when they do shameful deeds they do not want to be expressed  to shame. But wherein do lie this honour and shame.

The popular view is that they belong to particular stations of life, to particular professions and occupations. There is some truth behind this popular idea. There are some professions which are in themselves mean, e.g., that of a hangman or of a secret spy.But general speaking honour and shame do not attach themselves to particular conditions of life.

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Manual labour is often regarded as dishonourable. Those who work with their hands are regarded as inferior to those who work with their brain. There is some justification in it, but to regard it is dishonourable is the height of folly. That labour which nourishes and sustains mankind by providing food and drink, which builds houses and constructs highways will not be thought dishonourable by any sane man.

The world is a vast mechanism and there are different kinds of work. Each work is important in its own way. The peasant in the field is no less important than the minister in his chair. Each worker in his own station is carrying out in his own way the divine plan. This is why Browning says,

All service ranks the same with God

God’s puppets at best

Are we; there is no first nor last.

Our actual experience says that there are honourable and dishonourable men in all stations and occupations. Among those who do scavenging works there are honest, truthful and honourable men, while among teachers there are many scheming, dishonourable liars. The robber who met Alexander the Great was not less honourable than the great Macedonian conqueror.

All these will go to show that honour and shame do not attach themselves to particular conditions of life. Stations and occupations are non-moral things, it is the men who occupy these,the’. give them moral or immoral tone. So it is men who are ultimately responsible lor a particular station or  occupation being called honourable or otherwise.

But men reveal themselves through their character and character is the resultant of actions. So what counts in the long run is the action of man. It is what we do and how we do that makes us honourable or dishonourable* It can make or mar us. It is through our actions that.

Actions being so important in life, it is necessary for every man to act justly, impartially, sincerely and wisely. This will bring him honour and fill him with glory, just as actions of opposite kinds will bring shame and disgrace to him. Not to stations of life, not to particular occupations or professions honour attached itself, but to the deeds of men. Hence the wise advice of Pope “Act well your part, there all honour lies”.

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